Fundraiser Organized for Family of Nathan Bahr’s Victim: How to Donate

Nathan Bahr victim Desiree Folsom family fundraiser donate

After an extensive search, 29-year-old Nathan Cole Bahr was arrested in Arizona for charges of first-degree murder. His victim and ex-girlfriend Desiree Folsom was found dead on May 26 at her home in Eldora, Iowa. Following the tragic incident, a fundraiser has been organized to support the family of Nathan Bahr’s victim, 

The local community aims to provide financial assistance to their beloved member Desiree Folsom’s family, particularly her two young children. According to Eldora Police Chief Nick Hassebrock, Nathan Bahr is actually the father of Folsom’s children. The horrific incident has left people in shock throughout the community. Read to find out how you can help out the victim’s family through the fundraiser. 

Fundraiser for Nathan Bahr’s victim and her family

Following the shocking news of Desiree Folsom’s untimely demise at the hands of her ex-boyfriend Nathan Bahr, her high school graduating class joined hands to organize a fundraiser in her memory. 

The local community of Eldora, Iowa, recognized the gravity of the loss suffered by Folsom’s family and friends. As a result, a former classmate of Folsom named MaeAnna Ubben spearheaded the initiative to raise funds in her honor. 

She took to Facebook to remember Desiree Folsom as a compassionate person and described her as “everybody’s friend” who left an impact on their lives. In the same Facebook post, Ubben shared a fundraiser where people can donate to support Nathan Bahr’s victim and her family.

MaeAnna Ubben wrote that the Venmo fundraiser was created to raise money in Desiree Folsom’s honor for her two babies, Harper and Sawyer. These children’s lives are changed forever as they have to grow up without their mother, whom their father murdered.

How to donate and support Desiree Folsom’s children

Financial assistance is clearly a need for children like Harper and Sawyer, who have lost their mother to an unfortunate tragedy. To contribute to the cause, people can donate through Venmo by searching for the account “@Class2015forDesi.” 

MaeAnna Ubben has also shared the Venmo fundraiser QR code on the Facebook post and encouraged individuals to share it with friends and family who may wish to contribute. 

She clarified that the funds collected would be directed to Folsom’s family thanks to a separate account for this purpose. The class has also come together to write a check to ensure that support reaches Desiree Folsom’s family.

Nathan Bahr’s arrest and murder charges explained

Just last week, on May 25, Desiree Folsom obtained a protective order against Nathan Bahr, citing domestic abuse. The order specifically warned law enforcement that Bahr might possess a firearm

Nathan Bahr fundraiser family victim
Image courtesy of KCCI

Sadly, this precautionary measure could not prevent the tragedy that unfolded just a day later. Chief Hasselbrock explained that the order was vital to making Bahr their primary suspect in Folsom’s murder.

Court documents indicate that Nathan Bahr allegedly shot and killed his wife inside her residence. Material evidence such as a video of his vehicle, cell phone data, and witness statements hold probable cause against him.

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