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The Game Awards 2022 is one of the top gaming events to take place this year. One of the most anticipated awards every year is the Game of the Year award so it’s usually given near the end of the ceremony. When Elden Ring managed to beat tough competition like Horizon Forbidden West and God of War: Ragnarok, an interesting thing happened after they gave their GOTY speech. A random kid (who is a stage crasher all along) suddenly joined them on stage during The Game Awards 2022 and thanked Bill Clinton. But the question is, who is he?

Elden Ring devs win GOTY at The Game Awards 2022

Game of the Year (GOTY) is the final award during every ceremony of The Game Awards. This year, competition is tight as big titles like Horizon Forbidden West are nominated for the award. Although a lot of gamers were skeptical that Elden Ring would win over PS exclusives Horizon or God of War: Ragnarok, the entire audience cheered and celebrated when Josef Fares revealed that Elden Ring won GOTY.

  • As most awards shows go, winners are given a few minutes to deliver their acceptance speech on the stage. Naturally, the Elden Ring team made their way to the stage and you’d expect they’d be an all-Japanese group, right? Surprisingly, a kid who definitely looked out of place joined the Elden Ring team as they walked up to receive their award.

  • Everything is going smoothly at this point. At first glance, you’ll think that the kid may be one of the voice actors in the game or something. But there’s definitely something wrong as he keeps squirming around on the stage. It’s like he knew he wasn’t supposed to be there. If you watch the clips, you can see him looking over at someone in the stands above but the question is, who put him up to crashing the stage?
Random kid
Screengrab Courtesy of The Game Awards via YouTube

Random kid thanks Bill Clinton at The Game Awards 2022

Despite being a stage crasher, the kid at least showed some respect to the Elden Ring team by not interrupting their acceptance speech. He waited until the last minute to walk up to the microphone to deliver his own thank-you speech. The words that came from the random kid were definitely unexpected. You can hear the confusion of the audience at The Game Awards 2022 with their scattered applause.

Game Awards 2022 Random kid thanks Bill Clinton Who is he - 3
Screengrab Courtesy of The Game Awards via YouTube
  • Even with a thick accent, the random kid managed to thank someone irrelevant to the world of gaming: Bill Clinton. In the kid’s own words: “I think I want to nominate this award to my reformed Orthodox rabbi Bill Clinton.”
Game Awards 2022 Random kid thanks Bill Clinton Who is he - 1
Screengrab Courtesy of The Game Awards via YouTube
  • At this point, the Elden Ring team was also visibly confused. That’s the moment when people watching in person and at home realized this was just a random kid. He isn’t part of the Elden Ring team at all, so where did he come from?

Stage crasher gets arrested

The Game Awards 2022 founder and host Geoff Keighley was also confused with what had happened. As he delivered his closing remarks, you can see a slight hint of annoyance on Keighley’s face. Fast forward to after The Game Awards 2022 wrapped up, Keighley shared some good news on Twitter:

The random kid is definitely not the only one in trouble at The Game Awards 2022. Keighley needs to have a word with the event’s security because of how lax they were. Imagine if the random Bill Clinton kid had other plans for the Elden Ring devs. What would have happened then? Nonetheless, we can all breathe a sigh of relief since nothing too drastic happened.

Elden Ring team with stage crasher
Screengrab Courtesy of The Game Awards via YouTube

We don’t have to say this but if ever you’re reading this and you’re thinking of pulling a similar stunt: don’t. Even if the random Bill Clinton kid didn’t hurt anyone at The Game Awards 2022, it’s scary to imagine all the possibilities with a stage crasher like that. Plus, you’re ruining someone’s moment of glory. Don’t be that guy!

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What did you feel when you saw the Bill Clinton kid at The Game Awards 2022? Did you catch this moment live or did you see the clips going viral on Twitter? Talk to us in the comments below! Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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SOURCE: The Game Awards Official YouTube Channel
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