Tavern Keeper

Being kept in suspense for over an year, Green Heart Games has finally revealed their much-hyped ‘Game #2’

Game Dev Tycoon, the game where you build your own videogame company from scratch, is still the most successful economic simulation games of this generation. Developers of GDT, Green Heart Games is an indie videogame studio with its members spread across the globe.

For almost an year, GHG had a “Game #2” tab on their website, teasing their next project. The page asked visitors to signup for first updates and also described how it is going to be a bigger project than GDT.

Finally, the game has a name and a working page! The Game #2 is named Tavern Keeper and it’s not Game Dev Tycoon 2. If you really expected a sequel for GDT, well just don’t be disappointed. We bet GHG have plans for that as well.

Tavern Keeper

A Fantasy Tavern Simulator

Tavern Keeper is GHG’s new game that will let you simulate fantasy taverns in some strange world. It is a management/simulation game which will let you run different sized taverns in a humorous fantasy world. The game focuses on a great single player experience and on the inner workings of a tavern: players place rooms and objects, hire staff, buy stock and then manage and optimize workflows to satisfy fantasy oddball characters.

Tavern Keeper looks cool, however I am not certain if I ever played a game similar to it.

The idea behind Tavern Keeper

Tavern Keeper
Welcome to “The Rotten Stump”

Patrick Klug, Founder of GHG was discussing his love for Theme Hospital one day, reminiscing how well it incorporated clean gameplay with lighthearted humor when the idea for Tavern Keeper came up. The team was immediately in love with the concept and that’s when development began.

The game has been under development since 2014 and there are still many things they need to finalize. There are no plans for a Kickstarter or Steam Early Access at the moment. If things go the right way, we might see a solid Beta stage sometime in 2018. Till then, all we can do is wait for updates. Make sure to stay tuned with Spiel Times for more.