Gamer ‘Let Me Solo Her’ Receives Real Sword From Bandai Namco – Here’s Why

Following their popularity in Elden Ring, cooperative player “Let Me Solo Her” gets immortalized once again after receiving a fantastic gift from the game’s developers, Bandai Namco and FromSoftware.

The person behind the character who goes by the name Klein Tsuboi on Twitter proudly told the gaming community about his freshly received gift. After unprecedented fame in Elden Ring, the developers finally give credit to whom credit is due. And, as a way of giving thanks, Let Me Solo Her gets a care package featuring some commemorative items in honor of the game as well as the player.

Tsuboi also revealed that he began his Soulsborne series journey in Dark Souls 3. In addition to that, he even claimed to have almost quit the game because of Ludex Gundyr (a boss in Dark souls III). If not for the help of the souls’ community, Klein Tsuboi, a.k.a. Let Me Solo Her most probably won’t be around today.

What was inside the box?

Bandai Namco and FromSoftware gifted Klein Tsuboi a box that has a lot of Elden Ring-related items inside. Everything that was included in the box was:

  • A wooden sculpted portrait of Malenia
  • A cloak similar to what Malenia uses
  • Poster map of Limgrave
  • A thank you note from Bandai Namco plus a cute sketch of Let Me Solo Her’s in-game character
  • And finally, the best loot in the box, a real steel sword engraved with the words “Rise, Tarnished”
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Who is “Let Me Solo Her”?

Let Me Solo Her against Malenia, Photo Courtesy of Klein Tsuboi (via YouTube)

Let Me Solo Her is an Elden Ring player who became famous for the legends about them in the game. They became the talk of the town for purposely helping other players beat Malenia, one of the hardest bosses in Elden Ring. Malenia is a very challenging boss hidden deep in the vicinity of Haligtree that players seek to beat.

Soon after, tales were already being told about Let Me Solo Her’ heroics. When players needed them most, they always deliver. Legend has it that they have soloed the boss more than a thousand times now. (Well, it’s actually true.)

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Let Me Solo Her wears almost nothing, aside from his jar helm, to make their avatar quicker during the fight against Malenia. Also, the character wields a katana which has slain Malenia repeatedly.

Moreover, Let Me Solo Her had just celebrated their 1000th Malenia kill a few weeks back. Probably the reason behind Bandai Namco and FromSoftware’s gift to Klein Tsuboi (Let Me Solo Her) is due to this amazing milestone. Aside from that, the developers are surely recognizing Let Me Solo Her’s depiction of “true brotherhood”. As previously stated by Klein Tsuboi, the soulsborne community is what kept them in the series. It would be just right if they give back to the community with this little act of heroism and camaraderie.

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