GamerConnect Guwahati: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About NorthEast India’s Biggest Gaming Expo

NVIDIA’s GamerConnect is finally here in Assam. With GamerConnect Guwahati, level up your gaming profile, meet likeminded gamers and experience the best of gaming at one exciting place.

After many successful GamerConnect events throughout the country, it’s time to witness this extravagant community-meet in Guwahati.

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The venue for GamerConnect Guwahati is the city’s biggest and widely reputed trade centre – Maniram Dewan Trade Centre.

Here’s the complete address – Maniram Dewan Trade Centre,  ISBT Flyover, AHOM GAON, Guwahati, Assam 781034.

GamerConnect Guwahati
“Maniram Dewan Trade Centre Guwahati”

Be present at the venue from 9 AM – 6 PM on 20th May. That’s a cool way to frame the date and timing I guess? I know.

Now for the sake of my self-satisfaction, I’ll write down how to reach Maniram Dewan Trade Centre. Come on, it’s not 2007 anymore. We have Google Maps. We know how to use Ola and Uber apps.

So that’s how! However, if you’re a city bus traveller or you’re just too rich to travel in an Auto (they’ll get you money-naked), I don’t have much idea. Good luck with that!



Some of the top computer brands will be throwing light on their products. Here’s the list of all major brands you’ll witness at GamerConnect Guwahati –

XRIG – One of India’s leading PC modding and mini-portable computer manufacturing companies.

Dell/Alienware – One of the world’s largest PC companies. Alienware, on the other hand, is Dell’s heavy-weight child that loves gaming.

Zotac – Leading GPU manufacturers.

LG – Life’s Good you know.

Cooler Master – The company that takes delicate care of your PC’s heat and anger.

Corsair – Making computer peripherals and hardware since 1994.

GamerConnect Guwahati
“Source: Aman Boi”

Apart from the company booths, streamers and other well-known personalities might have their own booths as well.

You can roam around from booth to booth, and you should if you ask me, and extract the best out of what the event has to offer.

Additionally, there will be VR, mini-PC and modded PC showcasing booths as well. So one thing’s certain. There would be enough interactive options available to keep you engaged.

What’s Different

The main reason to be super excited about GamerConnect Guwahati is NVIDIA and its badass entry in Assam. With this event, many prominent doors for the gaming community will wide-open. Not just NVIDIA, many other brands as mentioned above would get a taste of the gaming community of Assam as well.

Depending on this event and its analytics, brands will throw more focus in this region of the country.

Guwahati Photography
“Source: Guwahatian”

Why So Long?

See, an event can’t and won’t be organised without proper research and evaluation. All the major cities have experienced the GamerConnect events by now and based on that, we’re getting a GamerConnect of our own.

NVIDIA came to Guwahati last year and organised a small GamerConnect meetup at FOUG, a local gaming cafe. It was the first step. After lots of research and plannings, they’re returning with a massive event, we all should be proud of.

North-East India has never seen an event of such a scale. It is undoubtedly the biggest gaming event so far.

So instead of complaining and being that old uncle, chill, relax and enjoy the show. I’ll be hiding in some corner as well. Find me and we can chill together!

“Source: Aman Boi”

The Impact

GamerConnect Guwahati’s success would act as a huge awareness campaign amongst the common people of Assam. There are still people who think gaming is some 10-year old’s time-killing hobby and that it has no scope in future whatsoever.

This thinking might as well change its direction. Also, I request all the gamers who’ll be attending the event to show up with your parents, elders and non-gamer friends. Let them taste, see and experience how games are, how passionate this community is and how constant we are in growing the community.

The event would bring gamers from all across the state and beyond. Just yesterday when I was chilling out at Gamers Den, another local gaming cafe, I met a fellow gamer who travelled all the way from Nogaon just to volunteer and attend the event.

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Additionally, many other personalities from across the country would be attending the event. Brand representatives, company officials and some cool streamers would be roaming around as well. So, isn’t that a +1 for us?

With the event’s success, many new job opportunities will open up. I’m visualising a huge gaming presence with companies entering the state, launching exclusive products and availing jaw-dropping offers. Although, I’m still poor to afford any.

Now the most important thing. “Experience”. GamerConnect Guwahati will let gamers experience what real gaming is. Gamers would experience what gaming in 144Hz monitors, GTX 1080Ti cards and heavy-duty builds feel like.

Trust me, once you get comfortable with high-spec PCs, I don’t think you’ll ever get back to your potato builds. No offence, if you don’t have potatoes… ah. I can’t be friends with rich guys.

Fun To Do

The event will offer a wide range of stuff to do. From roaming around booths to chatting with people, playing tournaments of many different games and sitting in the corner and waiting for someone to wave you a hand. Or maybe the last one just applies to me.

Let’s Meet

As mentioned almost innumerable times, I’ll be at the event. Yay. Find me somewhere in the corner, sitting alone and lonely, wearing a yellow POLO t-shirt and army-toned cargo pants.

(whispering) Add me on Facebook if you want.

And if you recognize me, I won’t mind a “Hi!” from you. Thank you.

Alright, let’s wrap it up. The event will be fun, exciting and a whole new experience for us.

Once the event’s over, make sure to fill up this evaluation form so that I know if you enjoyed the event.

Thanks for scrolling till this paragraph. I appreciate your patience and interest in reading.

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