Gamer’s Life “Saved” By Razer Headset, Stopped Stray Bullet

An 18-year-old gamer was reportedly saved by a Razer headset last Wednesday morning in Torrance, California when it deflected a stray bullet. After breaching their bedroom window and bouncing off a wall, the shot went flying off their Razer Kraken headset. The victim was experiencing a persistent headache. Aside from that, no one was seriously injured as a result of the incident.

“The bullet went through my window into my headset and bounced off the wall, and landed in my bed,” he said. “If it wasn’t for the headphones made with good quality, I would’ve been a dead kid at the age of 18. I couldn’t even imagine all the pain my family and friends would’ve been through,” he added. “It came from a block away. It was a stray bullet. Someone with bad aim almost killed me while I was just talking to my friends.”
– Redditor, Enough_Dance_956

Reddit Post = April Fool’s Joke – Redditors

Some Reddit users assume the incident was fake. The teen again responded with more photos of his window and wall, each with a bullet hole, to support his claim.

Image Courtesy of Enough_Dance_956 via Reddit

According to the teen, they discovered the bullet on the bed and reported it to authorities.

Image Courtesy of Enough_Dance_956 via Reddit

Users are skeptical about the authenticity of the Reddit post because it was during April Fool’s Day. Some speculated that the poster staged the shooting in order to get a free headset.

Image Courtesy of Enough_Dance_956 via Reddit

Enough Dance 956 retaliated with a second post that contained images of the bullet hole in the window, the indentation on the wall from the initial ricochet, and the bullet on the bed where it wound up after piercing the headset.

Image Courtesy of Enough_Dance_956 via Reddit

Razer To Issue A Brand New Headset

“Whoa, that’s crazy. Glad you’re OK!” said Razer’s Founder and CEO Min Lian-Tan in response to the post. The Razer Kraken headsets have a metal band with padding in the headband.

Razer Community Team to the victim: “Your Razer fam is extremely glad to know you’re safe! Sent you a message so we can take care of your concern. Let’s continue from there.”

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