Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

GameStop has restocked the limited Xbox One X 1TB Project Scorpio Edition, now available for purchase through its website.

The limited edition console is priced at its regular $499.99 price with free shipping across the States. The console gets restocked every now and then but runs out of stock quite fast. The good thing about purchasing the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition from GameStop is that it’s priced the same as it was at launch.

The Xbox One Scorpio Edition offers enhanced 4K and HDR support, better framerates and swifter loading screens. A fair number of third-party games that plays best on the Project Scorpio Edition are available on the market right now.

However, GameStop ships the console only to US addresses. Both Amazon and Microsoft’s official website states the console as “out of stock”. There’s no way to get the console shipped to India for now, but we’ll notify you when a road is discovered.

You can buy the console by clicking here.

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