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GameStop has created enough controversies over coronavirus concerns already. First, not shutting down stores, conference call leaks, and denying salaries/wages to employees who “choose” not to go to work during the pandemic. The leaked conference call mentioned how the stores will remain open and that GameStop won’t pay the quarantined staff their salaries. Today, however, EB Games Canada, GameStop’s Subsidiary, has announced it will shut down all of its stores.

Despite earlier defiance, GameStop closed its California stores after calling itself “essential business”. Now, the company has shut down all its stores in Canada.

Informing its followers on Facebook, EB Games Canada mentions all of its stores will be shut down until further notice. Its online store, however, will be functional.

Dear Valued Customers,

We wanted to let you know that EB Games Canada will be closing all stores effective end of business Friday March 20th. Like many retailers, we will continue to monitor COVID-19 closely with the commitment to open again at a time we feel both our team and customers are safe.

Online ordering will remain available through time. Customers can continue to place orders on EBGames.ca to access all their Gaming and Collectible needs. Our Distribution team has implemented improved distancing measures, incremental sanitation stations and equipment for enhanced safety. We are also working closely with our delivery partners to ensure service levels continue to meet your expectations.

It is important to recognize the commitment and efforts of our team during the very difficult time. They are truly inspirational and take great pride in the relationships we share with you, our valued customer.

The EB team would like to thank all of you for your continued support.

Spiel Times talked to one of GameStop’s current employees who mentions they’re still going to work, “because if I didn’t I would have to use my own accrued sick time to cover that time off. I can’t afford to not work right now.”

Has the authority promised your regular salaries/wages if the store has to be shut down (if not already) due to COVID-19?

There is no increase or decrease in wages so far. There is no promise of payment in the event of a closure. They are encouraging associates to take advantage of unemployment.

“Given the companies current financial status and how hard they are trying to stay open during a global pandemic I can guess that more than a few stores will never open their doors again after being shuttered”, they wrote.

The number of transactions during the pandemic has “stayed about the same if not increased. One thing is for sure, that dollar amounts for each transaction have gone up.” This indicates people are still walking into GameStop stores to purchase games, which is not a great thing to do at this point.

My source has confirmed that the management, at least, above their head directly is doing their very best to make sure the employees are safe and educated. The levels above their direct supervisor, however, seem to be panicking and grasping at whatever dollar signs they can see is this crisis.

Spiel Times will continue reporting more on the current situation of GameStop. Make sure you subscribe to our push-notifications and never miss an update from the world of video games. Happy and Safe Gaming!


  1. What about pre orders coming out this Friday? How can I get them? I have multipe console so digital too expensive to buy for both.

  2. It was about time they shut down. They were accumulating some very bad rep and it was very inconsiderate towards its employees.

    This is a hard time for all private businesses but its still no excuse to keep on working to the detriment of your own employees.


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