Well, in order to promote their next live stream, GameStop posted an image with a confusing yet troublesome caption. GameStop Marketing wrote, “Every breath counts this week” for their next livestream.

GameStop will be streaming the game “Oxygen Not Included” next with Pikalyn and Joe, on Tuesday, June 30th. The marketing material and caption they used, however, is creating trouble amidst everything that’s going on right now.

Here’s a screenshot of the now-deleted tweet


The caption says, “Every breath counts this week”, which is a really poorly thought-out caption. The tweet is already being criticized by many.

Prominent industry insider Pixelbuster wrote, “I love Oxygen Not Included as much as the next person but this is such mindbogglingly bad PR.”

As of writing this article, GameStop hasn’t taken down the tweet. If it’s taken down, you can access the archived version by clicking here. Update: After we published the article, GameStop deleted the tweet.

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