We have seen the craze around game consoles – Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii U, Switch, you name it. The Xbox for instance, has seen different versions coming out in the last few years itself. Ever since the launch of the Xbox One, we have seen the Xbox One Slim come out, as well as other limited editions like the Custom Shadow of the Tomb Raider Xbox One Console.

However, while sports and action games remain as popular as ever, did you know that even today, the Jurassic Park and dinosaur niche hold out on its own? Game consoles are going the way of dinosaurs, and here is why.

Video Games and Dinosaurs: What do Experts Think?

Die-hard gamers vow by the name of the consoles and fight to get their hands on the latest devices in the market.

But the trend is soon going to die out if we are to believe the words of David Jaffe. Jaffe is a renowned video game designer who earned high credits for his work in the Twisted Metal and God of War game series.

He got his hands on the Wii U and played some of his favourite games but wasn’t really blown away by its performance. He said that he doesn’t feel like owning the device as many of the gamers do when new hardware hits the market. He also didn’t think much of the software that drives the Nintendo console.

Jaffe has the same outlook for other consoles that are currently in the market. He feels that gaming consoles will take the way of the dinosaurs and go extinct in the next decade. He thinks that the technology is at the last leg of its journey and it isn’t going to do well in the coming years.

He commented that the market for gaming consoles was on a decline, but he doesn’t mean to say that the hardware was substandard- it’s just that the technology has got outdated. The industry of gaming has gone through a massive change, and the business models are also not what it used to be. The also added that the world is now a much smaller and connected place with the introduction of tablets and smartphones and the advent of technology such as streaming.

Jaffe expressed that the change in the market won’t mean that gamers will stop purchasing devices from companies like Sony. But technology will make it possible to stream the games live on your television. The companies itself will go through a change and keep producing amazing games like Uncharted and God of War from Sony.

The brands are set to run into movie studios for video games, and you will be able to stream games like Plants vs Zombies or Uncharted. The experience would resemble like watching public television programs just like the way you would feel watching a movie like Avatar.

Jaffe said that he was ready to go on record and state that the sale of gaming consoles will go down by at least 40% in next few years.

Whatever may be the reason for the decline of consoles, one thing’s certain. The next-gen is the future. With Sony and Microsoft coming head-to-head against each other, competing ruthlessly in the market, things are only going to get better.

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