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Garth Davis Foe movie trailer Paul Mescal Saoirse Ronan

The first trailer for Amazon Studios’ Garth Davis sci-fi flick Foe is out, and it looks like a masterpiece in the making. Set in the year 2065, the film ditches flashy neon-lit visuals and skyscrapers for an earthy and bland dystopian future. Led by Saoirse Ronan and Paul Mescal, Foe might seem like a science fiction film, but at its heart, it’s the story of a crumbling marriage. Let’s take a look at the first trailer for Garth Davis’ Foe and learn more details, including cast, crew, and where to watch it.

Garth Davis’ Foe: Trailer Breakdown

The trailer for Foe sets up a dark and intimate family setting of a couple in a dry rural backdrop. It takes a brief while to understand that it’s actually set in the future. After this point, it immediately transports us to 2065, where things are entirely different from now.

The main characters, Junior (Paul Mescal) and Henrietta (Saoirse Ronan), are a married couple living in a secluded farm. They lead a fairly boring life until an expected guest Terrance (Aaron Pierre), shows up with an unsettling proposition. 

Junior gets an opportunity to embark on a space mission to assist humanity’s transition away from a dying Earth. This Interstellar-esque premise takes a Black Mirror-esque turn when a robot version of him is left behind to keep Henrietta company when he’s gone.

As the trailer clearly demonstrates, Foe will explore the consequences of this decision. It creates a sense of ambiguity as the tagline ‘Some people are made for each other’ leaves much to our own imagination.

Foe movie’s cast and crew

Despite being such a high-concept premise, Garth Davis’ Foe relies heavily on its two Irish-born lead actors to make it a memorable movie. Paul Mescal is fresh off his Oscar nomination for Aftersun and his upcoming work for Gladiator 2.

On the other hand, Saoirse Ronan brings the most amount of experience to the team with four Oscar nominations. One can only hope she delivers her usual best, as seen in Greta Gerwig’s works, such as Lady Bird and Little Women.

Joining them is Aaron Pierre, best known for his work in Barry Jenkins’ The Underground Railroad. The film’s director, Garth Davis, returns to the big screen after a brief hiatus following his Oscar-nominated film Lion and Mary Magdalene.

More details about the film

Production for Foe began in Melbourne in January 2022 and concluded in South Australia in April 2022. In fact, the film’s director, Garth Davis, is Australian. A few months after the film was announced in 2021, Aaron Pierre replaced Lakeith Stanfield as Terrance. 

Foe is based on Iain Reid’s 2018 novel of the same name. Interestingly, the same author has co-written the screenplay with Garth Davis. The film will first premiere at the 2023 New York Film Festival, following which it will get a US theatrical release on October 6, 2023.

Given that Amazon Studios is distributing the film, Garth Davis’ Foe will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video a month or two later, depending on other factors. 

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