Gears 5 Technical Test Available For Download

Let the influx begin!

The first multiplayer technical test of Gears 5, is scheduled for tomorrow July 19th. The test will give the possibility to exploit some multiplayer modes like King of the Hill and Escalation. In addition, the Arcade mode will also be available during the trial period. Including several changes to the basic gameplay (through Power-ups, Skulls and special weapons).

Despite the technical test starting from 10:00 am on July 19th, preloading has already started so as to allow players to enter the game more easily and take full advantage of the days available for the test. Test participants should expect a download of around 10/11 GB. Xbox Game Pass subscribers only need to search for “Gears 5” on Xbox One or PC, depending on the type of subscription. Those who have pre-ordered the game will have to redeem a special code provided by the retailer who sold them the pre-order.

During the Tech Test players will be able to test their skills in two different maps: District and Training Grounds. Furthermore, a training mode will be available to explain the various mechanics of the game. The first phase of the test will take place from 19 July to 22 July. While the second phase will begin on 26 July and will last until 29 July.

The Coalition provided a brief summary of its goals for the Gears 5 technical test on the game’s official website. Similar to most beta tests, the main purpose is to see how the Gears 5 multiplayer servers handle the influx of players that will come with the launch of the game. The stability of the server will take precedence and as such, there will be an access queue to guarantee a quality experience for all participants.

We recall that Gears 5 is scheduled for Sept 10, 2019 on Xbox One and PC.



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