Gears 5 Will Have The Largest Campaign In The Series

The Coalition was very clear about their ambitions for the Gears of War franchise and how they are using Gears 5 to express those ambitions. Speaking with Game Informer, the multiplayer design director Ryan Cleven once again talked about it, calling it the biggest game in the series to date. With the largest campaign ever made, the largest PvE offer ever and the biggest Versus.

“Gears 5 is the greatest Gears of War ever created; it’s the biggest campaign ever made, the largest PvE ever made, the biggest versus ever made,” said Cleven. “The Coalition team is an extremely talented yet focused team, firmly believing in this game. I am extremely proud to bring their brand, a high degree of quality and a legacy that Gears fans will recognize”.

Despite everything, nothing was seen of the Gears 5 campaign after the first E3 2018 presentation trailer. And the appearance at E3 2019, was all focused on the multiplayer side of the title. It remains to be seen whether it will prove to be up to the previous chapters. But, The Coalition promises that “further information on the game will continue to be revealed until its launch”. So we should find out soon enough.

We recall that the release of Gears 5 is set for September 10 for Xbox One and PC.

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