Genshin Impact Anniversary Rewards Players Are Not Happy

miHoYO will be hosting an event honoring one year anniversary of Genshin Impact from 28 September 2021. Fans are excited and expecting grand rewards from miHoYo. 

The occasion will bring with it web events, anniversary events, and many submission contests. Despite a slew of activities for the fans, many were disappointed when miHoYo finally broke the bubble around the celebration and the rewards it will offer.

An Unforgettable Journey

The time duration of this web event is from September 28 till October 12. Players will get their hands on Mora, Primogems, Hero’s Wit, and Mystic Enhancement Ore at the end of this event.

A Message in Time

This event will start from September 29 till October 07. Players will be offered either one Blessing of the Walking Moon which has 10% chances or a total of 100,000 Mora which has 90% chances.

Recording Your Anniversary Memories

This event will be available for the players to enjoy from September 28 till October 07. Rewards for this event are 100 Primogems for 1,000 winners.

Let’s Solve Word Puzzles

The event will commence on October 07 till October 13. Rewards for the event- let’s solve word puzzles are 100 Primogems for 1,000 winners.

Cosplay Submission Contest

One event is the Cosplay Submission Contest which is titled The Promise of a Worldly Encounter. This event will start on September 22 and will go on till October 20. Rewards include Razor DeathAdder V2, Apple Airpods, Fateful Gift Series Merchandise Set of a random character, and Primogems.

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