Genshin Impact 3.1 leak ahead of live stream suggests a TCG

Genshin Impact 3.1 leak ahead of live stream suggests a TCG - Cover Picture

A new Genshin Impact leak suggests that the open-world gacha game is getting a trading card game (TCG) mode in the 3.1 update or beyond. The live stream for Genshin Impact 3.1 is scheduled this Friday but as usual, the leakers beat HoYoverse in revealing new content for a future update.

For some time now, Travelers have been asking for a permanent game mode added to Genshin Impact. Ever since its release, HoYoverse has only been introducing limited-time modes like the Domain creator.

That might change since it looks like HoYoverse is making the trading card game mode permanent in Genshin Impact.

Information about the TCG mode in Genshin Impact is making its rounds on Twitter

The one responsible for the latest Genshin Impact leak is UBatcha, a known figure in the Genshin Impact leaks community. According to UBatcha, the release date for the trading card game mode may come in updates after Genshin Impact 3.1.

As for what the game mode is all about, it looks like HoYoverse is stepping up from the single-player experience of Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact 3.1 leak ahead of live stream suggests a TCG - Gameplay
Image Courtesy of Rubhen925 via YouTube

In the Genshin Impact TCG, Travelers can obtain cards before eventually completing a deck. With that deck of cards, Travelers have the opportunity to have an online card duel with other Genshin players.

This marks the first time Genshin Impact lets players battle each other. Although this isn’t exactly what Travelers had in mind when they asked for a chance to battle other players, we’ll take it!

Genshin Impact TCG gameplay details and rules

The TCG coming to Genshin Impact has already been mentioned in the game’s storyline. This mode is likely going to be called the Genius Invokation, the trading card game that Itto, Ayato, and Cyno play.

UBatcha wasted no time digging up more information about the TCG mode in Genshin Impact. The leaker also revealed details about Genius Invokation such as rules and gameplay details.

Genshin Impact 3.1 leak ahead of live stream suggests a TCG - Ayato Itto Cyno
Images Courtesy of HoYoverse

Starting the game

The game starts with both players drawing five cards from the deck. They can then switch out any of their cards if they’re not satisfied with their hand. From the cards left in the player’s hand, they need to choose which one is going to be their Active Character.

  • You choose three characters and decide which one will be your Active Character for the time being. The other two characters are inactive unless you switch them out or your opponent defeats them.

There is a variety of characters you can choose to be your Active Character in the Genshin Impact TCG. Aside from actual playable Genshin characters, the cards include World Bosses like one of the Hypostasis Cubes.

How to play each round in the Genshin Impact TCG

After the participating players draw their cards, they’ll now take turns rolling 8 elemental dice.

  • Seven of these dice represent the seven elements in Teyvat.
  • The last dice serves as an extra dice called “Omni”. Players can use the Omni to represent any of the seven elements.

Each player then uses their turn to perform an action before moving on to the next player. The round is over once both players finish rolling and performing actions. In the end, the two players draw two cards from the deck and start another round.

Actions you can make in the TCG are the following:

  • Use your Active Character’s skills
    • You can use your Active Character’s Elemental Burst once they are “fully charged”
  • Use another card as your Active Character
  • Play any of the cards in your hand
  • Discard any card you’re holding and change the elemental type of one of your dice
  • End your turn

The only way to win in Genshin’s TCG mode is by defeating all of your opponent’s cards.

Take note that Elemental Reactions are also incorporated in the TCG. Any character who takes Elemental DMG during the game has the element applied to them. You can use this to trigger reactions.

There are over 220 cards to collect and use in Genshin’s TCG mode

There is already a leaked list of the characters playable in Genshin Impact’s TCG mode. Out of the 220 cards, 25 of these are characters already included in the game’s roster.

Here is the alleged list of characters with playable cards in the upcoming TCG mode:

Amber Diona Ningguang
Ayaka Fischl Noelle
Bennett Ganyu Razor
Chongyun Jean Sucrose
Collei Kaeya Xiangling
Cyno Keqing Xingqiu
Diluc Mona Yoimiya


Travelers can also take part in open-world challenges to get cards they can add to their collection.

  • If you duel against an NPC, you can choose a difficulty to take them on.
  • Maxing out the proficiency of your character cards also helps in making these card battles easier.

The speculated version for the TCG to release in Genshin Impact is version 3.2 or later. As for any leaks about the upcoming 3.1 update, there is going to be a new character added to the ever-growing roster of Genshin Impact.

Candace is a four-star Hydro character from Sumeru and judging by the leaks about her so far, she’s looking to be a good Support character for your team comps.

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