Genshin Impact – All Fontaine Voice Actors

Genshin Impact Fontaine Voice Actors

The most recent Fontaine teaser from Genshin Impact, “Overture Teaser: The Final Feast,” has created a commotion in the Genshin community. Fans are delighted by the preview of the upcoming land of Hydro. On top of that, HoYoverse also revealed the English and Japanese voice actors of all the characters featured in the trailer. In this article, we will list all Fontaine voice actors for the upcoming Genshin Impact major update. Let’s get to it!

Genshin Impact Fontaine Voice Actors

Thanks to the trailer, fans are now given their first official look at the wide variety of characters native to the country of Hydro after weeks of searching the internet for leaks and rumors.

As a surprise, the identities of the English and Japanese voice actors who will join the acclaimed cast of Genshin Impact were also unexpectedly revealed on the game’s official Twitter account. Let’s see who they are!


Fontaine Voice Actor Freminette
Freminette, image courtesy of Genshin_7
  • JP VA: Toki Shunichi
  • EN VA: Paul Castro Jr.


Fontaine Voice Actor Lyney
Lyney, image courtesy of Genshin_7
  • JP VA: Shimono Hiro
  • EN VA: Daman Mills


Fontaine Voice Actor Lynette
Lynette, image courtesy of Genshin_7
  • JP VA: Shinohara Yuu
  • EN VA: Anairis Quiñones


Fontaine Voice Actor Sigewinne
Sigewinne, image courtesy of Genshin_7
  • JP VA: Kino Hina
  • EN VA: Sarah Williams


Fontaine Voice Actor Clorinde
Clorinde, image courtesy of Genshin_7
  • JP VA: Ishikawa Yui
  • EN VA: Crystal Lee


Fontaine Voice Actor Furina
Furina, image courtesy of Genshin_7
  • JP VA: Minase Inori
  • EN VA: Amber Lee Connors


Fontaine Voice Actor Navia
Navia, image courtesy of Genshin_7
  • JP VA: Toyosaki Aki
  • EN VA: Brenna Larsen


Fontaine Voice Actor Neuvillette
Neuvillette, image courtesy of Genshin_7
  • JP VA: Kamiya Hiroshi
  • EN VA: Ray Chase


Fontaine Voice Actor Wriothesly
Wriothesly, image courtesy of Genshin_7
  • JP VA: Ono Daisuke
  • EN VA: Joe Zieja


Fontaine Voice Actor Charlotte
Charlotte, image courtesy of HoyoLab
  • JP VA: Azumi Waki
  • EN VA: Maya Aoki Tuttle


Fontaine Voice Actor Arlecchino
Arlecchino, image courtesy of HoyoLab
  • JP VA: Nanako Mori
  • EN VA: Erin Yvette


  • JP VA: Sayuri Yahagi
  • EN VA: Courtney Steele

Some of the characters on the list may be familiar to most Genshin fans because they were discussed in the most recent Fontaine leaks. However, Egeria did not appear in the Overture Teaser, which has led some people to question who she is. It has been debated that she was the owner of the voice heard at the part in the video where Freminet is sinking.

Attack on Titans voice actors

Many of the main characters in the upcoming Genshin Impact Fontaine will be dubbed by the same Japanese voice actors that performed fan favorites in the popular Shounen series Attack on Titan. Below are their names, along with the roles they play. Credit to @Macha_Genshin via Twitter for this side-by-side graphic!

  • Ishikawa Yui, VA of Clorinde and Mikasa
  • Ono Daisuke, VA of Wriothesly and Erwin
  • Kamiya Hiroshi, VA of Neuvillette and Levi
  • Hiro Shimono, VA of Lyney and Connie
Fontaine Voice Actor AoT
Fontaine Voice Actor in AoT

The previously mentioned Japanese voice actors all have outstanding voice-acting careers.

  • Daisuke Ono has voiced Sebastion Michaels from Black Butler, Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara, and Jotaro Kujo from JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure.
  • Hiroshi Kamiya provided the voices for numerous well-known characters, including Kusuo Saiko from The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, Izaya Orihara from Durarara, and Trafalgar Law from One Piece.

Which character do you think will be playable once the Fontaine update is released in Genshin Impact? Feel free to discuss with us and fellow gamers in the comments below!

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