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Since its release almost two years ago, Genshin Impact has gone through a handful of collabs. These collabs Genshin Impact had are either expected from a gacha game with such a large player base or they’re just completely unexpected. One of the first collabs Genshin Impact had was when Fischl appeared in the universe of Honkai Impact 3rd. This opened the doors for Genshin Impact to have other collabs with various IPs. Along with this, there have also been rumors of alleged collabs which nearly happened in Genshin Impact.

In this article, we’ll go over these rumored collabs for Genshin Impact. Some of them may hold bearing while some of them are based on fan theories and rumors. Nonetheless, HoYoverse has been known to collab with various brands, games, and even shows to promote Genshin Impact along with their other games. Here are some of our top picks from the alleged collaborations Genshin Impact nearly had.

Alleged Genshin Impact collabs that almost came true

Having collabs with other brands isn’t a new thing with video games like Genshin Impact. Even before Genshin Impact’s release, this has already been a trend in gacha games.

  • It’s pretty standard for a game to host crossovers with either a TV show, movie, or even another game.
  • These collabs usually take place in limited-time crossover events.

As we mentioned earlier, one example of this is when Genshin Impact had a crossover with Honkai Impact 3rd. Although there were no Honkai characters who took their time to visit Teyvat, one princess from Mondstadt got the chance to merge with the Honkai universe. But more on that later.

The player community of Genshin Impact has always been known to come up with wild theories regarding the game’s lore or HoYoverse’s future plans, including rumored collabs that could have happened in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Alleged Collabs that nearly happened - God of War
Images Courtesy of Sony and HoYoverse

1. God of War

Although it’s a stretch, bringing God of War characters like Kratos into the magical world of Teyvat would be pretty awesome, don’t you think? Of course, that’s entirely up to HoYoverse and Sony to decide whether a God of War and Genshin Impact collab would work.

  • Rumors about this alleged collab surfaced because HoYoverse was able to bring Aloy into the game.
  • They even made her character design similar to that of the characters in Genshin Impact.

This would’ve also been a good idea at the time since apart from a new character, this collab could’ve included new weapons which Travelers can try out in Genshin Impact. Fingers crossed that HoYoverse doesn’t shut the doors on the possibility of a collab with God of War in the future.

We’d love to take down those pesky enemy mobs with just a swing of Kratos’ axe… not unless Kratos accidentally destroys Celestia with just one blow.

Genshin Impact Alleged Collabs that nearly happened - The Legend of Zelda
Images Courtesy of Nintendo and HoYoverse

2. The Legend of Zelda

We know what you’re thinking. Impossible, right? But hey, some Genshin Impact fans think that it’s bound to happen sooner or later. Since we already mentioned the God of War collab and Horizon’s Aloy being in the game, might as well include this rumor of a TLOZ crossover.

Think about it, Genshin Impact will eventually come to the Nintendo Switch family of systems and surely, this release will be a call for celebration. When Genshin Impact successfully ported to PlayStation consoles, that’s how we got the following exclusive items

  • Glider
  • Sword
  • Aloy
  • Aloy’s Bow

We have a feeling Genshin Impact is releasing to the Nintendo Switch soon, so there should be something new coming to the game once it does port to the Switch.

And yes, we’re quite aware of the fact that this won’t be happening sooner or later. But HoYoverse, if you’re reading this, please make it happen. Maybe then, it’ll finally put those Zelda and Genshin debates to rest.

If not a collab with The Legend of Zelda, maybe a collab with another Nintendo IP? There’s plenty to choose from and hey, this is just me but wouldn’t it be cool to see a Genshin Impact character arrive in Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

Regardless of what HoYoverse and Nintendo come up with, it’ll be a win for Travelers nonetheless because of the limited-time rewards we’ll surely get!


Genshin Impact Alleged Collabs that nearly happened - Persona 5
Images Courtesy of SEGA and HoYoverse

3. Persona 5

Another alleged collab of Genshin Impact with a popular game series is Persona 5. Rumors started popping up when players noticed that Genshin Impact wasn’t really opposed to having collabs with other games.

We already mentioned Honkai and Horizon, so it was only a matter of time before Genshin would be teaming up with another game for a limited-time event. This time, rumors of a Persona 5 collab with Genshin Impact started coming up.

One of the prominent figures in Persona 5 is Joker, and he’s already been a part of a handful of collabs in the past. The thought alone of Joker running around in Teyvat is interesting. Hopefully, this won’t be another alleged collab that will be locked away in the vault.

For now, we can only hope that HoYoverse isn’t closing its doors to this possibility.

Genshin Impact Alleged Collabs that nearly happened - Neon Genesis Evangelion
Images Courtesy of Tatsunoko and HoYoverse

4. Neon Genesis Evangelion

This rumor started coming to life after Neon Genesis Evangelion collaborated with Honkai Impact 3rd last year.

  • The collab took place in order to celebrate the debut of Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time in Japan.
  • Similar to what happened with Fischl when Genshin met Honkai, one character from Neon Genesis Evangelion was added to the character roster in Honkai Impact 3rd.

Following this collab, both Genshin and Honkai players speculated that HoYoverse might bring Neon Genesis Evangelion to the vast world of Teyvat. Even if they didn’t get a new character, Genshin Impact players were hopeful that they’d at least get to fight against the Angels like how Honkai players did during the limited-time event.

Unfortunately, that’s all this alleged collab turned out to be – a rumor. But hey, Genshin Impact still has a long way to go before we unlock all the other regions, right?

Maybe they could include some characters from Neon Genesis Evangelion in the game and relate them to future regions like Fontaine or even Snezhnaya. The possibilities are endless!

Genshin Impact Alleged Collabs that nearly happened - Honkai Impact 3rd
Image Courtesy of HoYoverse

5. Another Honkai Impact 3rd collab

Fischl becoming an addition to the Honkai Impact 3rd character roster was revolutionary for HoYoverse fans, to say the least. During the collab, players in Honkai Impact 3rd obtained Fischl for free as a log-in bonus. The game also released new weapons during the collab as well as an outfit inspired by Klee, our lovely little bomber from Mondstadt.

  • After the event took place, fans wanted more from HoYoverse which sparked conversations about Honkai Impact 3rd being the one to come to Genshin Impact now.
  • The rumors were eventually fueled more when HoYoverse basically confirmed that both games are somehow connected to each other.

It’s been over a year since this iconic Honkai x Genshin collab took place, but we’re still hopeful that HoYoverse will host another crossover soon. We’d love to explore more on the connections between Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact.

Some theories suggest that Genshin Impact was the world before Honkai Impact 3rd, while some fans speculate that they are alternate realities.

Whatever the case may be, we’re still hoping that this idea won’t get shelved and we’ll find out more about it in the future.

Like we’ve been saying all throughout this article, maybe all of these alleged collabs might still happen sometime soon in Genshin Impact. For now, let’s just enjoy exploring the vast region of Sumeru as Genshin Impact is gearing up to release its desert expansion in the next update.

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