Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we bring to you the news of Hoyoverse’s new Genshin Impact Anime announcement. Anyone who knows what miHoYo means when they say Long Term project refers to their promises of a long-term attempt at bringing the Action RPG into the Nintendo platform. miHoYo now named HoYoverse is all hell-bent on producing what they called “a long term-collaboration project”.

title screen genshin impact anime
via Official Genshin Impact YT Channel

What A Long-Term Project Means

  • This project will be carried together in partnership with ufotable, the groundbreaking god of all action-anime-animating studios. (This is our personal biased opinion, you’re entertained to counter it with names such as Madhouse or something).

If Ufotable is involved, bet your high stakes that we are on for an anime project, which is confirmed in their latest Genshin Impact Patch 3.1 Livestream event on Friday. The live stream event showed a promotional video, that should blow your right brains out your mind. It was later released on youtube (obviously).

Now it could mean a lot of things, but one is for sure. This long-term project should take a long time. It means there will be script writing, hiring of directors and other stuff, voice dubbing, editing, and distributing the compiled thingy. That’s what a usual anime is about. Given that we have seen the vast territory of Tevyat already in the Genshin Impact world, we are begged to wonder what plot is there to follow?

What Genshin Impact Anime Could Be About

HoYoverse new anime
Paimon in the Long-Term Project Launch trailer via Official Genshin Impact YT Channel

Genshin Impact, which you can play on Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, IOS, Android and its recent addition in PS5, has set the standards for a global reaching fanbase. Anyone who knows Genshin knows the dealings of mingling in elemental magic and a sturdy battle system it provides.

This part of Genshin Impact truly impacts you in a way that makes your old-age RPG fantasies of leveling up in an anime world come to life (or your screen for that matter). Upon this, we come to a very enigmatic question. Genshin Impact allows for two different protagonists, two siblings to be chosen from. Who should the anime plot follow?

The Greatest Challenge for HoyoVerse when Making the Genshin Impact Anime

genshin impact anime hoyoverse mihoyo
The travellers in the Official Genshin Impact YT Channel launch trailler

There is so much to explore in the game, and given how there seem to be new areas in the Tevyat shown in the trailer we can assume that the anime plans on expanding the areas shown in the game. All together they will have to adapt to another challenge: to not spoil players with future updates.

This is difficult to do if they adapt the original storyline, as at one point it will catch up to the Game. Unless they are planning a spinoff, something similar to Cyberpunk 2077’s spin-off anime adaptation, Cyberpunk Edgerunners.

  • Their greatest obstacle is how to not spoil future updates for players,
  • as well as how to solve the problem of two different travelers. Which side should they tell the story of?
HoYoverse and Ufotable Collaborate on a long term project
HoYoverse and Ufotable Collaborate on a long term project, via Official Project Launch trailer in Official Genshin Impact YT Channel

Here’s Our Solution To The Obstacles Faced by HoYoverse for their Genshin Impact Anime

Genshin beginning
Via Genshin.hoyoverse.en

What Pokemon Anime And Manga Adaptations Did

When we talk about Anime adaptations, or manga for that matter, of games, we must recall the classic 1996 Pocket Monsters. The first generation of Pokemon introduced us to Red And Green, two games that were very same yet distinct in certain elements. The difference between them was often that of the Legendary pokemon involved and few exclusive Pokemons catchable.

For example, later generation Gameboy Advance pairs of Pokemon Firered and Leaf Green both were advanced remakes of Red and Green. Both had very minute variables, in the sense that certain Pokemons were not catchable in one version. Growlithe for example was not obtainable in Leaf Green.

Anime Adaptations of Pokemon Did Not Follow A Binary Two Protagonist Variation Storyline

What the anime adaptation of Pocket Monsters did was that they disallowed such a binary deviation. The anime only followed the main protagonist Ash Ketchum and made a hellhole of a long journey with no seeming end.

That’s the nature of the primary anime franchise of Pokemon, it just doesn’t seem to get anywhere. In each generation, the pokemon Ash catches are replaced and only rarely ever used. All elements of character development seem to awash in the shore of the oceans.

Genshin Impact Anime Shouldn’t Deviate From Their Origin Characters, or could they?

genshin impact anime
Seems to be the trees near Starfell Lake via Official Genshin Impact YT Channel

Now, in all likelihood, it is unlikely the Genshin Impact anime will follow a different protagonist altogether. Someone who is completely deviated from the sibling travelers whom we control. But this isn’t entirely impossible. Aether or Lumine, the siblings as they are referred to in the game, irrespective of the name we choose for the traveler.

What We Can Make Out From The Trailer

Hoyoverse anime
An area we can’t tell what it is, courtesy of the Official Genshin Impact YT Channel

From the trailer, there isn’t much to take. It just goes around showing different parts of Tevyat. It begins with the onset of two travelers falling through the stars in the night sky. It goes on to show what seems like the trees near Starfell lake, a Mondstadt scenery. We also see what resembles the forests of Wolvendom.  There also seem to be certain areas we can’t really make out of which we assume is because the anime will expand from the Tevyat we see in the open world game.

expanding area in tevyat in genshin
An area we can’t make out of (via Official Genshin Impact YT Channel)

What We Can Make Of The Protagonist For The Genshin Impact Anime

But if the trailer is projected to be an accurate representation of the anime, we can gauge that the anime should follow the sibling. Now whether that sibling is Aether or Lumine, now that’s a creative choice.

It is possible they pull a Pokemon move and pull the story away from Aether and Lumine, and just follow a single different protagonist. Maybe someone who isn’t in search of their sibling, but in search of someone or something else entirely. But if this happens, it will mean that they will deviate from what is shown in the trailer. And here’s the catch, they have all the space to not follow the original game storyline. The trailer only gives a promo of a long-term project and explores Tevyat, more than it shows the plot. 

The Trailer Shouldn’t Be Taken Too Seriously

Monstadt Scenery in The New Genshin Impact Anime launch trailer
Seems like the Monsdtadt via Official Genshin Impact YT Channel

For all we know, the trailer is merely a promo for what they call a long-term project. Remember how Spiderman Freshmen Year began as an idea to be prequel to Spiderman Homecoming, but now it is supposed to be an entirely different take altogether? Yeah, Normal is going to adopt Peter and not Tony. For all we know, this long-term project could mean multiple revisions and changes.

How Will The Genshin Impact Anime Adapt The Main Storyline if The Game Itself Continues?

  • This is a “Long-Term Project” meaning HoYoverse has all the rights to pull together a story that doesn’t spoil the main game. The greatest problem with following the main story is that the Main story hasn’t ended yet.
  • It’s like adapting a manga that is still continuing. Either they initially follow the Genshin Impact plot and then deviate completely from there, Like Game of Thrones ending, or they keep on extending the anime until they can end the game.
Genshin Impact 3.0 Tablet Analytics Complete Event Guide - Location
Screengrab Courtesy of Noxxis Gaming via YouTube

Our Advice For The New Genshin Impact Anime 

Genshin Impact Anime Should Follow A Different Protagonist with A Different Motive or Adapt A Side Lore of The Game

  • Make an anime that follows a different protagonist altogether. Not Lumine or Aether, but someone else – Follow The Main Story But Deviate From The Game
  • Adapt A Side Lore – A Spin Off Series


Sumeru, Image Courtesy of Genshin Impact, Hoyoverse

The world of Genshin Impact is no joke. The lores are staggeringly engaging and the gameplay is obsessively fun. But in an anime where the benefit of gameplay is deprived off of the audience, one can only rely on the studio to make the right choices with its storyline. It’s something to be excited and nervous about at the same time. What will HoYoverse do with this new Genshin Impact anime, we don’t really know. But, we can only hope that even if they take time, they do it right. Do not disappoint, HoYoverse. 

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