Genshin Impact: Ayaka Banner – All Details

Ayaka Banner

We have some exciting news for the fans, as miHoYo has revealed a new playable character for Genshin Impact! The character’s name is Kamisato Ayaka and she will arrive by 21 July 2021. She is a Cryo Vision user and while going into a battle, her weapon of choice is a sword.

Some users must be familiar with the character due to the September 2020 leaks about her, while others might remember her as a playable character in 2019’s test beta version. Anyways, Ayaka was a very anticipated character, and she is finally here. So, let’s dig deep into her talents, skills, and everything you need to know before her arrival.

Ayaka is the daughter of the Yashiro Commission’s Kamisato Clan and is also known as Shirasagi Himegimi in Inazuma. She will appear in the story after players reach the Archon Quest in Chapter 2 and would be introduced as a kind-hearted woman devoted to her people.

Ayaka’s Talents and Skills

  • Her character has a familiar fighting style as the attacks consist of five quick slashes before sheathing the sword. The attack, Naname, consumes the bulk of her Stamina to unleash a stream of sword ki.
  • Similar to Mona’s sprint, her alternate sprint ability, Senho, allows her to move at high speeds, even on water. It also helps her to cloak herself in frozen frog and then infuse Cryo damage on the enemies when she reappears.
  • Her elemental skill, Hyouka, deals serious Cryo damage to the enemies by launching them high up into the thin air! Sounds cool right?
  • Soumetsu, her elemental burst, summons icy winds that deal significant Cryo damage. But that’s not it as it continues till the attack blooms and deals further AOE Cryo damage to enemies.

After the slated release for Ayaka, miHoYo has also confirmed two new characters called Yoimiya and Sayu. Sit tight as we’ll be back with more information on them as soon as we get them.

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