Genshin Impact: Baal, Ei, and the Raiden Shogun’s REAL identities

Genshin Impact - Raiden

The Raiden Shogun is the Electro Archon worshipped by Inazuma. After arriving in Version 2.0 of Genshin Impact, many Travelers wondered who she really is. Is she Baal? Ei? Or the Raiden Shogun? Read on to find out more about Genshin Impact’s Raiden Shogun.

DISCLAIMER: There are spoilers ahead about the storyline in Inazuma. So if you haven’t finished both Acts in the Archon Quest for Inazuma, read at your own risk!

Ei is a woman of many identities in Genshin Impact

Before Genshin Impact released Ei/Raiden Shogun, Zhongli addressed her as “Baal”. However, her Archon Quests gave us more information about her real identity… or identities? Regardless, there are many names connected to Ei’s. Aside from Baal, she is also known as Ei, the Raiden Shogun, Beelzebul, and some Travelers confuse her with Makoto. But we’re here to explain who is who, which is which.

Ei and Makoto

Genshin Impact - Ei Quest 4

Ei is the current Electro Archon of Inazuma. She is not the Raiden Shogun. Additionally, most people refer to her as Baal. However, they call her Baal because they are unaware that the Electro Archon they know died in the past. The game finally introduced Travelers to Makoto if you’ve played through Act 2 of the Inazuma Archon Quest.

Moreover, the story quest revealed that Makoto was the original Electro Archon of Inazuma. However, she met an untimely death after going to Khaenri’ah alone. When Ei found Makoto in Khaenri’ah, she was on the brink of death after passing out due to the cataclysm. But before she passed away, Ei retrieved a part of her consciousness which Ei hid underneath the Grand Narukami Shrine.

The Sacred Sakura sitting atop Mt. Yougou is also from Makoto’s consciousness. With the help of the Sacred Sakura, Ei fought off the monsters appearing in Inazuma. But because Ei’s ideal is eternity, she wanted to preserve Inazuma as much as possible.

Genshin Impact - Makoto
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Although she is the successor of Makoto’s title as the Electro Archon of Inazuma, Ei chose to spend most of her life locked away in her Plane of Euthymia. By placing her consciousness in the Plane of Euthymia, Ei gets to live as long as possible while the Raiden Shogun she put in her place looks after Inazuma.

Act 2 of her Archon Quest sheds some light on what pushed Ei to lock her consciousness away in the Plane of Euthymia. During the Archon War, Ei lost all those close to her, including her twin sister, Makoto.

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As mentioned before, the original Electro Archon of Inazuma is Baal. She is also known as Raiden Makoto, the twin sister of Ei. When Makoto died after the Calamity at Khaenri’ah, Ei decided not to let the people of Inazuma know that she would be taking over her sister’s role as their Archon. Thus, people in and out of Inazuma refer to their Archon as Baal or Raiden Makoto.

Raiden Shogun

The Raiden Shogun is the playable version of the Electro Archon in Inazuma. Moreover, she is also the Raiden we meet after first arriving in Inazuma. However, the Raiden Shogun is not the real Electro Archon since it is only a puppet created by Ei. According to Genshin Impact lore, the Electro Archon made the Raiden Shogun stand in her place as she locked her consciousness away in her Plane of Euthymia.

Genshin Impact - Raiden Shogun Boss

Similarly, Ei also created Scaramouche, the 6th Fatui Harbinger. Both the Raiden Shogun and Scaramouche are automatons. Further into the story, Ei reveals to the Traveler that after spending a long time locked away in the Plane of Euthymia, she feels that the Raiden Shogun is now far more powerful than her.

This power is demonstrated when Ei faces off against her puppet in Act 2 of the Raiden Shogun’s Story Quest.

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What is Act 2 of Raiden Shogun’s Story Quest?

After the Traveler is done assisting Ei in clearing up the Rifthounds suddenly popping up and attacking the Sacred Sakura, Ei and the Raiden Shogun face off.

Genshin Impact - Ei Quest 1

In Makoto’s preserved consciousness, both Ei and her puppet duel to death as Ei realizes her mistake in letting a puppet rule over Inazuma. Whoever wins the fight gets to rule Inazuma, as the Raiden Shogun is programmed to eliminate any threat to Inazuma’s ideal of eternity. For the Raiden Shogun, Ei threatens her ideal of preserving Inazuma.

While Ei and the Raiden Shogun fight, the Traveler looks for Yae Miko to tell her about what’s happening under the Grand Narukami Shrine. And just like the first time the Traveler confronted Ei in her Plane of Euthymia, Yae Miko cannot join them inside. Instead, she just helps out the Traveler in returning to Makoto’s consciousness.

Genshin Impact - Ei Quest

As soon as the Traveler arrives, Ei is surprised to see them wearing the same clothes. Ei then lets the Traveler know that the duel has been going on for 500 years. But to put the fight to an end, Ei challenges her puppet once more. After another brutal battle, Ei ultimately defeats the Raiden Shogun. Thus, the Raiden Shogun keeps her end of the deal, and the puppet acknowledges that Ei’s mind has not been affected by erosion.

Genshin Impact - Ei Quest 2

The quest ends with giving Ei the closure she deserves. Through this, she also realizes Makoto’s wish for her to see the world through her eyes. Now, Ei finally moves on from the past with the help of Yae Miko and the Traveler. Moreover, Ei lets go of her wish to preserve Inazuma forever, afraid she’ll lose them if another cataclysm ensues.

Genshin Impact - Ei Quest 5

Who is the real Archon of Inazuma?

If you’re still wondering who the Archon of Inazuma is, it is definitely Ei. After finishing her story quests, Ei assumes her role as the Archon again. Together with the Raiden Shogun, Ei guides the people of Inazuma.

Additionally, finishing Act 1 of her story quest changes the Raiden Shogun’s name and interactions if you have the character in your Serenitea Pot. Compared to the Raiden Shogun, Ei’s responses are warmer and friendlier.

We hope this helped you recognize the identities of Raiden Ei in Genshin Impact.

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