Genshin Impact: Christmas Cult Explained, What Is It About?

Genshin gamers have established a Christmas Cult. They are using social media to share snapshots of their beloved heroes. The Genshin community is spreading the message about the phenomenon by altering their user photos to their favorite characters sporting Santa hats.

Christmas Cult

The diverse group of characters in Genshin Impact has a devoted following. This “Christmas Cult” is one method for those fans to show their enthusiasm for the game. Even when the game doesn’t celebrate the season, the players are making an effort to be joyful.

  • As the holidays approach, the Genshin Impact community will undoubtedly celebrate in ways other than the new cult. 
  • Cosplays and fan art are nothing new in Genshin Impact, and some players will undoubtedly create new ones in honor of the holiday season.

If this trend shows anything, it’s that the Genshin Impact community is supportive of one another. That has been the case from the beginning of this trend.

On TikTok, many of the cult’s new members have seen their follower counts skyrocket. The majority of these new members are cult members themselves. After all, without a following, a cult is nothing.


The latest Genshin Impact update, version 2.3, will be published on November 24th, 2021, bringing with it plenty of fresh stuff, including new storylines, missions, and characters.

  • The latest content will take place in Dragonspine, a snow-covered environment ideal for the Northern Hemisphere’s forthcoming winter months.
  • There are also two new characters, a new dungeon, and other improvements. As anticipation grows for what’s to come, rumors and leaks about version 2.3 abound.
  • Version 2.3 also borrows from Pokémon with the Omni-Ubiquity Net. An event reward that allows players to capture creatures in the overworld and return them to their teapot.

During the live webcast, many new features of Patch 2.3 were shown. The game’s ‘winter’ Update launches in late November or early December 2021 and gamers are eager to get their hands on it!

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