Genshin Impact fans have been disappointed with the actions of miHoYo recently and they are showing it in a different way. While some players are disappointed with miHoYo’s lack of transparency over the anniversary event, others are not too happy with their highly aggressive approach to leakers.

Players have taken to the Play Store and Bilibili to show their frustration, review bombing Genshin Impact with 1-star ratings. They brought the rating of the game down to 2.8 stars (at the time of writing) on the Google Play Store. Now, they have begun review bombing Honkai Impact to spite miHoYo, although the game is entirely distinct from Genshin Impact. On the Bilibili Game page, you will notice a user rating of 2.3 stars. However, the overall rating shows 4.9 stars.

  • For the first anniversary of Genshin Impact, miHoYo decided to use a new story-driven in-game event. This also includes a log-in event for a week, awarding players with 10 Intertwined Fates and negligible in-game resources. Some real-life events such as cosplay showcases and art contests were held, where only the winners were rewarded.
  • Overall, miHoYo had decided to celebrate the first anniversary of Genshin Impact by hosting contests and very few giveaway items. In effect, miHoYo would be benefitting from the events and not the fans. Some even stated that miHoYo is using their fan base as a cash cow.

Anniversary Disappointment

Players expressed on the Genshin subreddit that miHoYo was in disconnect with their fan base; that they felt neglected with these actions. Some even said that they were willing to stop playing the game altogether! On the official Discord server of the game, players flooded the chat channels with stickers of the Qiqi character laying on the floor, expressing their dismay with the developer.

miHoYo’s Chinese fans have been outstandingly vocal about their games, and in fact, forced them to make significant changes to Zhongli and the Geo element in Genshin Impact. miHoYo may have to come up with a method to pacify and compensate their fans this time. Looks like miHoYo shouldn’t take the mass outrage lightly. Especially if they want to hold onto their fan base.

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