What is fast and furious in Genshin Impact? Duh! It’s the Rifthounds. Lately, fans seem to be quite upset with the fact that they are in Spiral Abyss now. With the courtesy of miHoYo, ushering in 2.3 update, many hounds were put in the picture.


Not that these hounds are impossible to defeat. But the inclusion of them for players already tackling Spiral Abyss makes the entire process much less fun. There is hardly anything wrong with such a challenge. However, it does sound like the addition of Rifthounds in the game turns out to be more towards the frustrating side rather than adding complex elements to the challenge.

In Genshin Impact, Spiral Abyss is where the hardest of all the challenges are. Therefore adding the element Rifthound does make sense. On the surface, at least. But the Rifthound foes can also be found on Genshin Impact’s Spiral Abyss Floor 12. This new adjustment raises the issue of Powercreep in Genshin Impact. Some may believe that this move primarily benefits those who have the most recent, powerful personalities – those who spend money.


“I’m a low spender with highly invested in characters, and I sometimes struggle with the wolves… not because I don’t have the DPS required to beat them, but because the whole experience can get so frustrating that it makes me go Well, I just got out of work, do I REALLY want to go through this sort of stress? They are beefy, they fly a lot, they apply corrosion, and on top of that, you’re in abyss trying to do everything in a couple of minutes. I’m sure challenge is something some people enjoy, and so do I to some extent, but for me challenges are supposed to be rewarding or interesting?”

Basically, Powercreep suggests the brand new additions made to a game such as characters, cards, DLC, that slowly outstrips the former content in terms of the power of the game. Now every character feels stronger than ever, this belittles the other characters of the game. This renders them feeling less important.

Rifthounds are already difficult to hit with melee troops since they fly over the area and spread corrosion. Corrosion can melt even the toughest of characters, making it even more difficult to complete this task within the time restriction.


  • The aforementioned user believes that spending less than a full draw of Primogems to cope with this isn’t worth it. Sure, it’s difficult, but it’s also boring, and that’s a fundamental aspect of any game.
  • Challenging material should be enjoyable, yet Genshin Impact gamers are dissatisfied with the Rifthound update. Other gamers complained about the Rifthounds’ hitboxes and how they can also phase through solid barriers – by glitching out.
  • On the other hand, other users feel that such a move is a classic example of ‘time gating and it is not all fun. Well with the number of mixed feelings and tangible anger amongst the players, we are yet to see how miHoYo will react to the same.

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