Genshin Impact Fishing + Lunar Realm Event All Details

Genshin Impact is one of the biggest games today and it isn’t going to stop being big anytime soon. Genshin Impact Version 2.1 is all set to arrive on August 31, 2021, and a lot of information about it was revealed in a livestream by miHoYo. Most of it, confirms previous leaks and rumors about new characters coming to the game which have covered earlier. But one of the major highlights of the livestream, was the fishing system and the new events.

The Fishing System

With the introduction of fishing system, you will be able to cast line for fishing in designated areas of water. Without further ado, lets dive straight into it.

  • There will be around 20 types of fishes or maybe even more, and you will be able to find them all across Tevyat.
  • Different kinds of fish will have varied difficulty levels, and will require different fishing rods
  • You can choose the bait before fishing and can also switch between the bait while fishing.
  • There are currently 5 types of bait, and a specific kind of bait will only work on a specific kind of fish
  • Bait can be crafted from various materials at crafting tables in the Genshin Impact’s major cities.
  • If you throw the line too close to the fish while fishing, it will get startled and swim away
  • In this fishing mini-game, you’ll have to time your reactions to control the tension of your line and reel in the fish.
  • You can trade the fish for various in-game rewards or use them for meat

Pool of Sapphire Grace

Genshin Impact 2.1 will also introduce a special kind of fish called “Ornamental Fish”. The thing about this kind is that you can raise them on your own. You might ask how? The 2.1 Update will introduce a new furnishing in the form of “Pool of Sapphire Grace”. You will be able to breed ornamental fishes in this special pool.

You will be able to raise ornamental fishes in the Pool of Sapphire Grace within your Serenitea Pot. Also, the blueprint for the pool can be obtained from the Fishing Association in Liyue. Tis brings us to the Fishing Association NPC in various locations on the map, where you can trade the freshly caught fish.

Lunar Realm Event


Many new events including Spectral Secrets, Hyakunin Ikki Event, Light Caresses the Moon, Distant Storm, etc will be introduced in the new update. One such event is the Lunar Realm event which pertains to what this article is about i.e., fishing. You will need to catch a unique fish known as the Lunar Leviathan. Lunar Leviathan fish will have the magical power to grant someone’s wishes.

Upon completion of the task, you will be rewarded with various items like Mora, fishing rods, other unique fishes and Primogems. This will not be the only fish catching challenge you will be assigned during this event, so visit the events page for more information. Apart from all this, Lunar Realm Event will also introduce the Pool of Sapphire Grace, as mentioned above.

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