Genshin Impact players may have noticed that the Geo skills do not always work in the game. Some may have thought that a bug was not allowing them to use their skills. Furthermore, miHoYo’s explanation for why this happens has further disappointed people.

Over the entire year, players have been unable to form Geo structures on the surfaces that contained water. This has placed players at a particular disadvantage in the Oceanid boss battle. They are required to clear waves to allow the Oceanid boss to destroy itself. However, players have been unable to use Geo characters such as Zhongli, Ningguang, and Albedo.

  • Players had taken the issue to the developer, and after continuous complaints, miHoYo has responded.
  • On the 7th of November, miHoYo replied to players, stating that the inability to form Geo structures on the water is not a bug, but a feature of the game. They said that Geo structures can only be formed on stabilized surfaces.
  • Players will have to freeze the water on the Oceanid floor to stabilize the surface and then spawn a Geo structure to use their skills.
  • This may seem to be a reasonable reply. The feature is surely staying true to the characteristics of the game. However, players are not happy with this.

An answer to Oceanid & GeoConstructs from Genshin_Impact

Players React

  • Players have called the reply lazy, accusing the developer of covering up an issue because they do not want to fix the issue.
  • It has also been pointed out that characters such as Ningguang and Albedo actually float, and do not touch the surface, which would mean that they can be spawned.
  • Whatever the case may be, players are not happy with the developer in regard to the issue, but they might have to be figuring out their way in situations such as the Oceanid battle on their own, and might just have to accept the developer’s reply and the fact that this is a feature of the game.

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