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miHoYo began delivering “Flowing Lights and Colors” awards on February 9 in Genshin Impact as a celebration of the in-game Lantern Rite Event, which will soon be over. Gifts were distributed via in-game mails, and fans can redeem them using the Paimon Menu as per the standard procedure. In exceptional situations, some players were able to get the mail twice, resulting in double rewards! 🤭

Double Rewards Error

A pleasant surprise for several players was the arrival of two packages in the mail, which allowed them to claim their rewards twice. Developer MiHoYo has now chosen to level the playing field by awarding all qualified players with double awards for the day after spotting the issue. 🥳

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Regular rewards will be available for the remainder of the week, now that miHoYo fixed the issue. Nonetheless, fans have the opportunity to claim three sets of things for free in the next few days.

9th of February
  • Intertwines Fate (1x)
  • Golden Crab (5x)
  • Sanctifying Unction (6x)
10th of February
  • Fragile Resin (1x)
  • Tianshu Meat (5x)
  • Hero’s Wit (5x)
11th of February
  • Intertwined Fate (1x)
  • Guide to Diligence (3x)
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore (10x)
12th of February
  • Fragile Resin (1x)
  • Guide to Gold (3x)
  • Mora (50,000x)
13th of February
  • Intertwined Fate (1x)
  • Guide to Prosperity (3x)
  • Sanctifying Unction (6x)
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