Genshin Impact - Seal Sundering Undone

The Chasm region in Genshin Impact holds many secrets and treasures waiting to be found. One of these treasures is the Miner’s Key. In this guide, we will be telling you how to obtain the Miner’s Key and where you can use this quest item.

Miner’s Key Location

For travelers to find the Miner’s Key, they must explore the underground area of The Chasm. However, this area is either inaccessible or difficult to explore if you haven’t finished the Chasm Delvers questline.

Chasm Delvers Quest List

  1. The Chasm Charters
  2. Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering
  3. Chasm Spelunkers
  4. First Miasmic Contact
  5. Meeting New People… and Foiling Some Bandits
  6. The Heavenly Stone’s Debris
  7. Perils in the Dark
  8. Wherefore Did the Spiritstone Descend
Genshin Impact - Miner's Key Location
Screengrab Courtesy of GameWith

Proceed to the location pictured above. Once you get there, approach the abandoned gears and find the ones you can interact with. If you find the ones you can investigate, you’ll get either Mora or the Miner’s Key from one of these objects.

How to use Miner’s Key

Genshin Impact - Miner's Key Chest
Screengrab Courtesy of GameWith

Make your way to the location pictured above. If you use the teleport waypoint, jump down to gain access to an underground location. When you come across a locked gate, you can use the Miner’s Key to unlock it and venture further into the underground mines.

Before you proceed to the area beyond the unlocked gate, be prepared to fight against a Black Serpent Knight. Skeld, Augur of the Mirrors will be waiting for you. Defeat him and you are rewarded with an Orb of the Blue Depths.

Lumenspar Location

Before you leave the area, look around first until you see another gate. It will be locked but you can use the button to unlock it. To your left, you will find the Lumenspar.

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