Genshin Impact: Inazuma Special Livestream – All Details

MiHoYo announced on Twitter that the latest Special Program Launch for Genshin Impact will air on their Twitch stream on July 9 at 8:00AM ET (UTC-4). Then at 12:00PM ET, it will be available on YouTube!

While this declaration makes no mention of Patch 2.0 or Inazuma, it does include an image of an archon monument we haven’t observed before, evidently, Baal’s, and the whole statue is purple, reiterating the area’s electro emphasis.


What To Expect

  • Every one of the upcoming characters we know is from Inazuma. Ayaka, Yoimiya, and Sayu. Specifically, the latter,  the game had us just meeting a character from Inazuma – Kazuha.
  • The main narrative was about the essence that we needed to make the journey to that region next after we finished the Prologue section.
  • In other words, nothing indicates that we will remain in Liyue and Mondstadt for another patch.

From its infrastructure to its art design, the Inazuma territory is inspired by Japan. We’ve seen a few teaser poster images of the territories to come, but nothing more than that. From what we’ve seen thus far, the characters resemble s classic Ronin, Samurai, or feudal archers!

Cross-Save Feature

We also discovered previously from leaks that the 2.0 update will bring cross-save to Genshin Impact, allowing players on PS4, PC, and mobile to work together on the game. This should also be the case when the game is released on the Nintendo Switch.

For Genshin Impact enthusiasts, this Friday’s presentation is a must-see, as Inazuma is arriving, and we’ll get our first complete glimpse at it. Keep an eye out for live broadcasts of that show, as well as any possible leaks we might see ahead of time.

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