Genshin Impact-Inspired Fragrances Now Available

Japanese Fragrance company Primaniacs announces the release of a series of fragrances motivated by the characters of Genshin Impact. With pre-orders stacking up, the six fragrances are available to purchase. The fragrances will start shipping from December 2. Unfortunately, international shipping will not be available outside of Japan.

The perfumes are inspired and motivated by the character types from Genshin Impact. While Traveler has a set of two different perfumes, others such as Diluc, Kaeya, Klee, and Mona, each has an individual perfume fragrance. 

Primaniacs Genshin Impact Perfume Collection

Each 30ml bottle costs 6600 Yen (£43), with each one coming with a custom design featuring special illustrations. Each bottle will have illustrations that feature the elemental motif of each character. Through the illustrations, the individuality of each character is evident to notice. 

Hotaru is a Traveler-inspired perfume having a “fragrance that holds a pure wish in your heart and keeps believing in hope”. It has the essence of raspberry, passion fruit, and spearmint.

Sora is another perfume inspired by Traveler. It has top notes of citrus, crystal mint, Muguet, and neroli. It also has a natural scent like that of blooming flowers in the fields.

“A fragrance that surely conveys the hope that lies beyond your extended hands.”

Notably, miHoYo declared terms and conditions for unofficial Genshin Impact merchandise or fan-made merchandise. Official rules for producing, selling, and making unofficial Genshin Impact merchandise were provided.

miHoYo alleged to shut down Honey Impact, a popular Genshin Impact website for revealing and leaking information. From this, it is evident to see miHoyo will not compromise with its priorities and demands. The wait is to know how this all turns out.

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