As players explore the new content and updates that have made it to Genshin Impact, the characters and their attributes have been found to be quite interesting. Hu Tao and Thoma are some of the new characters that have made it to the game in this update.

Hu Tao and Thoma

Gathering a team might be tricky for fans of Hu Tao, who adds power to the team when on dangerously low HP. While the character does not seem to be bothered by healing, it can very much neuter her damage. This will allow the team to deal a good amount of damage when she is on low HP. Her low HP can also make her vulnerable to attacks, which means that the team would need a shield character.

Support Thoma

  • This is where Thoma, the 4-star pyro support unit can be of great help. He is not suited for high damage attacks but will prove quite useful in offering support.
  • When he is at C6, he will boost attacks of others by 15% in addition to the 20% boost from pyro resonance. His pyro shield and resonance can aid Hu Tao by boosting her damage output.

  • Thoma comes with a powerful shield and energy particles. The shield will be the primary source of support Thoma will offer, as Hu Tao’s attack and damage do not depend on energy particles.
  • The shield can make Hu Tao practically invincible and the more attack damage she acquires, the more damage she can deal. In addition to Thoma, Xinqiu can also boost Hu Tao’s damage.

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