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While there are few clues regarding Genshin Impact’s Yelan at this time, the loyal fans are speculating about who this exquisite girl could be. Of course, we’ve seen a slew of Genshin Impact leaks. People have been attempting to decrypt the few bits of information we have about her.

For a long time, the identity of Genshin Impact’s Yelan has been a mystery, but who is this pale-haired, bell-wielding lady?

Is Yelan, Madame Ping?

After a tweet from respected leaker Ubatcha, many Genshin fans have attributed the name Yelan to a mysterious blue-haired character. She is first seen in the Moonchase Festival teaser note that Mihoyo hasn’t verified that this is Yelan. The woman in the video bears some resemblance to Honkai Impact 3rd’s Fu Hua. She also has certain distinct aesthetic characteristics that have sparked even more conjecture and theory-making.

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Dataminers discovered skeleton code in-game, casting Yelan as a ‘woman’ hitbox, according to Genshin Impact leaks. This indicates that she will most likely emerge soon. There is also evidence that Yelan will use a new type of weapon in the game, the crossbow.


  • Those of you who were lucky enough to get your hands on a Serenitea Pot may recall Madame Ping, the sweet Adeptus who takes the shape of an elderly streetwalker. You get the cleaning bell from her during the Rite of Parting preparations for Genshin Impact’s Zhongli.
  • She maintains the bell and says it isn’t hers, but she used to beg her old buddy for it when she was a ‘vain young beauty.’ Yelan is with a bell on her belt that appears eerily similar to the Cleansing Bell in the Moonchase Festival trailer.
  • Madame Ping is also known as the street rambler, and she owns a Serenitea Pot since she needs somewhere to rest while traveling. Her name translates to ‘duckweed,’ which is likely a reference to her wanderlust. Yelan, too, wears long sleeves, similar to the Guhua Clan’s roaming martial artists’ attire.

Other parallels exist between Yelan and Madame Ping, as evidenced by u/Bwlsoty and u/Reddit H4xolotl’s postings. Madame Ping, as an Adeptus, has chosen her appearance to help her settle down, but she has no reason to believe she won’t be able to change her form in the future because Adeptus don’t age. While this isn’t proven, it’s a fun fan theory, and we’d love to discover more about Madame Ping.

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