Lotus Eater
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Genshin Impact released another quest, Lotus Eater, so stick around with us to know all the details you need!

How to Open the Lotus Eater Quest

Lotus Eater Quest happens in Enkanomiya, a hidden World Quest in Genshin. Moreover, to get the task, Travelers must activate Spartacus by solving a short sequencing puzzle, until an afterimage reveals itself and gives the task. Then, you can start the quest to find Spartacus’ “children.

Lotus Eater Short Puzzle
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The goals of the Lotus Eater Quest are:

  • To seek for his hidden “children”;
  • Wait for the Dragonbone Flower to condense; and,
  • Get a Dragonbone Orb reward.

Completing the Lotus Eater Quest

You can now start finding the hidden “children” of Spartacus. These are the things you need to do:

  • Travelers must make sure to switch to Whitenight.
  • After switching, you may now proceed to the marked location.
Lotus Eater First Location
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  • Another set of sequencing puzzles must be completed using the lanterns. You got the right position/sequence when the game says, “This seems to be in the right position …”. Upon completion, it uncovers more ruins.
  • Then, Travelers must switch to Evernight, and proceed to follow the Lotus Eater quest directions.
  • You may see a chest behind the ghost as you pass by. (Not really related to the Locus Eater Quest) But hey! still, make sure to grab the Secret Room Key on your way!
    Lotus Eater Secret Room Key Chest
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    What To Do With The Dragonbone Flower

And now, we have arrived at the last parts of the Lotus Eater Quest. Here are the last details you should remember when you take on the quest!

  • The “Lotus Eater” takes the Traveler around the area, until you reach and water the Dragonbone Flower, which you may see near the Enkanomiya entrance.
  • However, the waiting game begins. You have to wait for the daily server to reset for the flower to condense.
  • When you come back the next day, you can investigate and obtain the Dragonbone Orb.
Lotus Eater Dragonbone Orb
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What Can You Do With The Dragonbone Orb

Upon getting your Dragonbone Orb, you have a choice to keep it in your inventory (maybe as a souvenir!) or sell it in any store you want.

Here’s the list of stores where you can sell your Dragonbone Orb:

  • Netsuke no Gen Crafts in Inazuma: 80,000 Mora and their specialty dish, 5 Sashimi Platters
  • With Wind Comes Glory in Mondstadt: 80,000 Mora and their specialty dish, 5 Moon Pies
  • Xigu Antiques in Liyue: 80,00 Mora and their specialty dish, 5 Bountiful Years

Traveler, will you keep your Orb or get those Mora and specialty dishes?

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Are you ready to take on the Lotus Eater Quest? If you have any questions regarding Genshin Impact, feel free to ask in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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