Genshin Impact, just like any other game, is full of exciting events and rewards that players receive during events. Among the rewards, an event item called Moonchase Charm has been introduced, which can be collected throughout the event. The Moonchase Charm is an event item that will expire at the end of the event.

Moonchase Charms

It can be found in different locations across the map and can be located on the Teyvat Interactive Map. Finding them will fulfill the Moonlight Seeker quest, rewarding players with free Primogens.

  • However, there seems to be no value to the Moonchase Charms themselves; though they are added to the inventory when players collect them.
  • Players are getting more and more curious as the event is about to end, which will mean the Charms will expire, and there is still no telling what uses they serve.
  • Initially, the description for the Charms stated that they could be exchanged for rewards over the course of the Moonchase Festival. But the description has been altered, with the exchange for rewards being removed.

Moonlight Merriment

This has implied that the Charms are not going to be of much use post the event. However, some players are still holding on to the hope that they will be receiving rewards for the Charms, as they are also told by Linyang, the NPC that aids them that they will be able to exchange them for rewards.

However, there is no telling what will actually occur, and we may just have to wait for an update from the game itself. Since the fans were initially promised rewards, they will surely be expecting to receive something significant in exchange for the Charms.

The Moonlight Merriment event, which started a week ago and is about to end very soon, needs players to complete quests from Moonchase Tales, Moonlight Seeker, and challenges such as Trail of Delicacies. On completing quests and events, players are entitled to a range of rewards.

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