Genshin Impact: New Chasm Leak Reveals Map

Version 2.6 looks like a big update with the reveal of the map for the upcoming location, the Chasm. While many players believed we would be in a content drought for some time, it seems MiHoYo wants to ramp up its story progression. Aside from the leak of Kamisato Ayato and his abilities, now we get more information about this upcoming location.

The Chasm

Players have always been interested in the Chasm opening up. It’s referenced many times in the game, and you’ll see its name displayed on the map. The map leak posted on the Genshin Impact leaks subreddit shows that the Chasm will have a spiral design. Aside from that, the markers also reveal some new locations:

  • A new Statue of the Seven
  • Six teleport points
  • A new Artifact Domain
Image Courtesy of Genshin Impact Leaks Subreddit

There also seems to be a new location tied to the Chasm that players can regularly visit. It might be similar to Dragonspine, where it will reward players with items if they fulfill tasks or quests. Other than that, the addition of new quests is expected, as with every patch.

What’s Next?

  • Players are excited for the addition of Chasm as it’s been a rumored new location since the earliest versions of the game. Since the location ties to the next region, we may see Sumeru sooner than later.
  • That major update will introduce a new archon and will likely see the debut of the Dendro element. When that happens, a slew of new characters will come to the game to match the volume of other characters.
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