Many speculated that he would look like the paragon of manliness. Others believed that he would be the svelte, hydro adonis that they had been waiting for. Regardless of what your conjecture was about Kamisato Ayato, it appears that his real appearance has, well… appeared.

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Joined by his younger sister, Ayaka, in this image of what is said to be a cutscene in Genshin Impact, the Yashiro Commissioner himself, Ayato, dons a regal-looking suit, similar to the one you might see at a ballroom dancing event, or worn by white rabbits in classic fantasy novels.

His hair is nearly shoulder-length, tousled, and unsurprisingly white, like his sister’s hair. In the wrong light or at the right angle, he might have easily been mistaken for a certain eyeball-wishing kingmaker; though it is yet to be known whether Ayato would conquer a nation in the name of peace just yet.

Ayato’s pose suggests otherwise.

He seems aloof and relaxed here, which meshes well with other known examples of his alleged caring and loyal personality type. However, don’t believe this for lack of battle prowess; Ayato is a well-documented fighter. His vision, a hydro one, may finally break Genshin Impact’s streak of making hydro units strictly as support characters. Ayato himself is known to be fierce and powerful in battle. Though how anyone fights that well in loafers and in a suit, I have no idea.

Do note that, despite how good the character model looks, and how dapper this rendition of Ayato appears to be in his suit, this image is based on yet unconfirmed information.
The image is very real, and it is quite telling and obvious, but it should be important to note that until miHoYo themselves announces Ayato’s final appearance, any of this is subject to change.

miHoYo is speculated to be announcing Ayato’s release in the upcoming Version 2.5 presentation, so stay tuned to see if this sighting of Ayato is the same handsome hydro gentleman that we get in version 2.5.

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