Following the release of Sumeru in Genshin Impact, the game’s character roster keeps getting bigger and bigger with new faces popping up every now and then. According to a new leak in Genshin Impact, Baizhu will be playable in a near patch update.

But his release date won’t be this year as the leak hints that Baizhu releases sometime next year. Here’s everything we know so far about Baizhu being playable in Genshin Impact.

Baizhu may release as a playable character in Genshin Impact soon, according to a leak

When Baizhu first appeared in Genshin Impact, players were already anticipating his release. And when conversations started floating around about Baizhu and his Dendro Vision, most Travelers believed that he is going to be the first playable Dendro character.

Genshin Impact - New leak suggests Baizhu release date, Element, and weapon - Baizhu
Image Courtesy of HoYoverse

However, all of this changed when the latest version, Genshin Impact 3.0, dropped. Among the first Dendro characters available in the game aside from the Traveler are Tighnari and Collei. As for Baizhu, leakers couldn’t find anything that hints at a possible release date.

But just recently, a small-time data miner and leaker posted on Twitter about Baizhu arriving in Genshin Impact soon. Twitter user @grandfatherbao speculates that Baizhu’s release is in Genshin Impact 3.4.

This makes sense if ever HoYoverse does release Baizhu around this time. If we take a look at when version 3.4 releases, it’s right around the time when the Lantern Rite Festival is celebrated in Liyue.

Moreover, Baizhu is from Liyue himself. So it will only make sense that he releases on a patch which focuses on that region. Genshin Impact versions 3.0 to 3.3 are dedicated to characters from Sumeru since the new characters will be released through those patches.

Baizhu is rumored to be a catalyst user with healing abilities

So far in Genshin Impact, we have healers in every Element aside from Dendro. Aside from Baizhu’s speculated release during the Lantern Rite Festival next year, he may also be a Dendro healer.

From the same tweet, they mention that Baizhu will provide regeneration for his teammates based on Elemental Mastery. His weapon has also been the center of earlier leaks and rumors as data miners found a game file called the “Jade Catalyst”. This is said to be Baizhu’s signature 5-star weapon.

Genshin Impact - New leak suggests Baizhu release date, Element, and weapon - Healer
Screengrab Courtesy of @grandfatherbao via Twitter

If all of this information does turn out to be true, it’d be exciting to know more about Baizhu and his story. Some fans speculate that he is actually a Fatui Harbinger.

Similar to Tartaglia or Childe, he works for the Cryo Archon. This comes after Genshin Impact released the teaser of “A Winter Night’s Lazzo” where the Fatui Harbingers were featured.

One particular Harbinger caught the eye of many Travelers. Pantalone, the Ninth Fatui Harbinger, bears a striking resemblance to Baizhu. This resemblance fueled fan theories. However, other theories suggest that if they aren’t one person, then they must be related.

Genshin Impact - Pantalone Baizhu Twins

If you’re looking to get Baizhu to join your team, then you may want to set aside your Primogems until he releases. Though we doubt that it’d be easy to save up for him since there are new characters coming to Genshin Impact in the next patches.

Some Travelers are already setting aside their funds in anticipation of character releases like Al-Haitham, Cyno, and Scaramouche.

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Before Baizhu is rumored to arrive in Genshin Impact, there are lots of new characters coming to the game. With the Sumeru update, there are lots of ways to get Primogems to add to your funds as the update provides new content for Travelers to enjoy.

What are your thoughts on this leak? Do you think Baizhu is really coming to Genshin Impact? And if he was, will you be saving up to get him now that there are rumors he is a Dendro healer? We would love to hear from you in the comments down below.

Feel free to share any questions or thoughts you may have about Genshin Impact and the latest Sumeru update. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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