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The upcoming Patch 2.5 update for Genshin Impact will add more to players wanting to progress the story further. It will feature the highly anticipated Yae Miko banner and a rerun of the Kokomi banner later in the patch. There will be two new story quests and five events (2 reruns) during the patch. Here’s what you can expect with the new enemies and story additions!

Divina Vulpes: Act I

Patch 2.5 will finally introduce Yae Miko as a playable character and feature the first part of her story. The assumption is that players may need to complete the Inazuma Archon quests first before unlocking her story quest. She plays a big role in the Inazuma storyline, and it builds up her character before introducing a more personal story.

Imperatrix Umbrosa: Act II

Raiden Shogun’s story will continue with the new 2.5 updates. With her Boss domain confirmed in this patch, it’s likely that the two tie in together. You’ll need to complete Act I first before progressing to this continuation.

Raiden Shogun Weekly Boss
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New Enemies

A new type of enemy called the Shadow Husks will appear in Patch 2.5. There are three types of these creatures:

  • Standard Bearer
  • Line Breaker
  • Defender

There isn’t any detailed information on each yet. The trailer shows the monster wielding different weapons and creating shields.

Weekly Boss

  • The trailer showcased that Raiden Shogun’s puppet goes beyond control and will be the new boss in the game. It sports a different form compared to Raiden herself.
  • More information will likely surface in the days leading to the update. Everyone is excited about the new characters and content of the game.
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