Recently we saw the protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy, make an entry into Genshin Impact. While console users were able to access the character since the 2.1 update in September, PC and mobile gamers were only very recently given access after the 2.2 update patch in October.

  • Aloy was available as a free character to players as a 5-star character. However, just days after this new addition to the roster of Genshin Impact, players have protested the character’s appearance in their game.
  • A number of players are happy and satisfied with the crossover event and are enjoying Aloy’s presence in Genshin Impact. However, some fans have been disappointed even though the 5-star character was given away for free.
  • The announcement received mixed reactions. Social media platforms were filled with messages that demanded the deletion of the character itself from Genshin Impact. Some players are attempting to remove the character from their account.
Since miHoYo has disabled the delete option for unclaimed gifts, players are unable to delete the character. Others have just left the gift unclaimed.

Players from the community have stated that the PlayStation character being a 5-star character is an insult to the other characters; that Aloy should have been a 3-star character instead. They believe that Aloy does not belong in the Genshin universe and that the inclusion of the character affects the established lore.

While the character seems to fall in line with the lore of other characters such as Alice, who travels between different worlds, or even the Traveler themself and their sibling, fans do not feel that this is a good move for their game.

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