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Scaramouche, the sixth Fatui Harbinger, will undergo modifications before joining the playable roster in Genshin Impact. This is according to recent Genshin Impact leaks and is no longer electro.

Fans are already making predictions about new characters that might be an addition to the playable roster with the birth of a brand-new Genshin Impact location. Three new additions—Tighnari, Collei, and Dori—have already been verified by update 3.0’s creator, HoYoverse.

Scaramouche Rework

  • First, when Scaramouche, aka Balladeer, becomes playable, he will now have the alias the “Wanderer.”
  • He will undergo a thorough overhaul, including a new in-game model, according to earlier leaks.
  • Additionally, it has been revealed that Scaramouche would eventually turn into a Weekly Trounce Domain, just like his colleagues Fatui Harbingers Childe and La Signora.
  • According to several players, the leaker may have been referring to Weekly Boss Wanderer’s Anemo-transforming Delusion. Another leaker appears to clarify this misunderstanding.

Scaramouche Backstory

  • Not just for Scaramouche himself but also for the larger Genshin Impact history, the consequences of the lore that lies beneath him are enormous.

    Genshin Impact - Scaramouche Reveal
    Image Courtesy of HoYoverse

“So what if it’s not me? Who is to say who I am? Anyways, I was originally born to become a god, and now I have an opportunity to become one again.
Ha, I wonder if the person who created me would be surprised?
This life is just all a meaningless “process”.
What I have originally left behind:
just agonizing memories and mundane human emotions, should have ended much before.
This world, even the stars, are fake anyways.
(The Akademiya and Dottore are nearing the end of this project in collaboration.)”

  • The fakeness of the world and stars may provide light on some of the riddles surrounding the Spiral Abyss, according to the many ideas of different people. It’s time some of these riddles were solved, especially since Sumeru is home to the Akademiya and other learned intellectuals.
  • The significance of this speech is enormous, not only for Scaramouche personally but also for the overall Genshin Impact canon. The fakeness of the world and stars may shed light on some of the riddles surrounding the Spiral Abyss, according to the numerous theories that have been put forth. Since the Akademiya and other learned people are based in Sumeru, it’s high time some of these riddles were solved.

The following tweet describes the components” that are most obvious at first glance as the elements, design, name, and possibly the personality.

All of this is a leak, therefore it cannot be validated, and the leaker even provided clarification.

Scaramouche still has his memories after Sumeru’s main storyline, as the leaker is aware. The name, his designs, and his element adjustments are the only things the leaker can verify. We’ll wait to see how the primary story plays out. Scaramouche has been shaped for two years, and a significant shift in personality does cause us great concern.

The existence of new characters who should be playable in the coming months has already been hinted at by numerous Genshin Impact leaks. Popular Harbinger who appears numerous times throughout the narrative is one such individual.

One of the Harbingers – Scaramouche will experience some major MODS. This is prior to joining the playable roster, according to hxg_diluc, a well-known Genshin Impact leaker.

Scaramouche made his debut appearance in the episode “The Crisis Deepens,” where he was presented as a “vagrant from Inazuma.” At first, Scaramouche came off as a nice guy, but Mona and the Traveler quickly realized his true nature and fled the scene.

hxg_diluc claims that the Scaramouche that will be added to the playable roster will be very different from the one that has so far been shown in the game.

Another leak makes a comparison between the Wanderer and the Ship of Theseus, a theory about the identity of a ship kept in port that had each component replaced one at a time.

Scaramouche Now an Anemo

Genshin Impact - Scaramouche
Image Courtesy of HoYoverse

The sixth Harbinger and one of the game’s most well-known characters is currently known as Scaramouche.

  • However, a number of responses in the comment section assert that he had a change of heart and moved to the good side given that he was absent from the most recent Fatui Harbinger teaser trailer.
  • He will now be able to control the Anemo element, despite the fact that he was previously to be an Electro character, according to hxg_diluc.

Scaramouche will be a new Anemo character in Genshin Impact, according to a well-known leaker going by the handle merlin_impact. The leaker stated that the catalyst will be his primary weapon, making him the second male character to possess this particular weapon type. Despite using a catalyst, Shikanoin Heizou likes close-quarters battle, and it appears that Scaramouche will do the same.

Scaramouche Skills, Weapon, and Kit

  • Details regarding his weapon and equipment are also in leak since he’s going to transform into Anemo.
    • The cooldown for Scaramouche’s elemental skill, which he uses as a catalyst, is 9 seconds. His 60 Energy Cost Elemental Burst has a 15-second cooldown.
    • The 4-star Faruzan, another Anemo character, and Scaramouche are supposedly going to be available under the same brand.
    • Small details suggest that the Wanderer is a melee catalyst, exactly like Heizou is.
    • He might also serve as the team’s main damage-dealing specialist.

Possible Banner Release

  • It’s possible that the developer HoYoverse decide to make Scaramouche into a close combat catalyst since people are so in awe of Heizou’s distinctive fighting style.
    • His burst and elemental talent have cooldowns of 9 and 15 seconds, respectively, according to the leaker.
    • Scaramouche’s schedule will be in version 3.2 or 3.3 indicates that fans will have to wait a few more months before they will have a chance to get him.
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