Genshin Impact is a global hit

The highly popular free-to-play action RPG, Genshin Impact is turning heads all across the globe and there’s no stopping it anytime soon. The game’s already under the top 10 best-selling lists this month in various Asian countries including China, Japan, South Korea. The new data also indicates that the game’s all set to gross over $100m by the end of this month.

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This new information comes from Industry Analyst Daniel Ahmad who posted the following over his Twitter account.

Genshin Impact, which is after all a free-to-play AAA game took over $100 million and 300 people to develop which Ahmad also noted back in August. The game’s free-to-play nature is indeed a factor for its immense popularity not just in Asia, but also in the western frontier. Moreover, the game has received some incredibly positive reviews from both fans and critics alike and continues to be downloaded and played every day by millions of players across the globe.

It would be interesting to see if such a free-to-play game development model for AAA games will work for other developers or not. Whatsoever be the case, it should be something that publishers should look out for and the future, especially since next-generation of consoles are inbound.



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