Genshin Impact: Who Is Kokomi? Skills Revealed!

Numerous new features have been added to Genshin 2.0, including the Inazuma region, new characters, weapons, and opponents. Even so, it appears that this is insufficient: while the gamers are busy opening chests, the leakers have gone to the effort of researching the new information, including Sangonomiya Kokomi’s skills!

Sangonomiya Kokomi

  • Sangonomiya Kokomi had previously appeared in the trailer for miHoYo’s release on Genshin 2.0. We knew she’d be a playable character and that we’d be able to interact with her as an NPC in the game.
  • We also that it will be a 5★ hydro element character with a catalyst as the main weapon, thanks to the leaks. She is also a member of one of the resistance groups fighting Baal, the electro archon’s dictatorial ideas.

Normal: The Shape of Water

  • NORMAL ATTACK: Kokomi strikes in the shape of a fish three times in a row, dealing hydro damage to any enemies it hits.
  • CHARGED ATTACK: Kokomi unleashes a blast of water that damages enemies in the area after a short period of time. This ability consumes Stamina each time it is used.
  • PLUNGE ATTACK: Kokomi rushes to the ground, impregnating all enemies in his path with the hydro element. Then when it lands, the impact deals hydro damage in the area to all nearby enemies.

Elemental: Oath of Kurage

  • Kokomi summons Bake-Kurage from the water, healing nearby allies in intervals (similar to Barbara’s ability) and dealing hydro damage to nearby enemies based on their maximum health.

Elemental Burst: Kaijin Ceremony

  • Kokomi summons Watatsumi, dealing hydro damage to all enemies in the area. All of this Genshin Impact character’s attacks damage enemies based on their maximum health, just like in Kurage’s Oath. Also, in the animation, you can see how Kokomi changes her wardrobe to a ceremonial garment made from the waters that flow in Sangonomiya.
  • Lastly, because Kokomi gains the status of wet as a result of the Kaijin Ceremony, caution should be exercised when using cryo-type abilities to avoid freezing the character. As if that wasn’t enough, with every basic or charged attack, this ability also heals allies.

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