Genshin Impact: Who Is Thoma?

With Genshin Impact updates coming up, MiHoYo has begun releasing new teasers. In a number of tweets covering the updates, MiHoYo has revealed new characters and features that will come to the free-to-play RPG.

One of the latest character additions to the game is Thoma. While we do not have an official launch date for Thoma, leaker Zeniiet has revealed that Thoma will be seen with the release of update 2.2; meaning that Thoma will follow after Baal and Kokomi’s release.

Thoma, known as the “Protector from Afar,” was first introduced to players in the introductory quests in update 2.0. This was when the new Inazuma region was released. As Thoma has only been a side character until now, it is yet to be seen if he will be featured as a 4-star or 5-star character.

Who is Thoma?

  • Thoma wields a polearm and is a Pyro. He is the chief retainer of the Kamisato Clan and also a close friend of Ayaka, the clan’s daughter.
  • Thoma is friendly and always willing to help those in need. In the update 2.0 Livestream, the description of Thoma is “a rather special character”.
  • He has blond hair, different from most other Inazuma characters; his identity is naturally a bit of a mystery of its own.”
  • The mystery around Thoma arises from the fact that he was born in Mondstadt, and the reasons for his presence in Inazuma are not known. But since his arrival, he has been a loyal servant of the Kamisato clan and has helped foreigners settle to life in Inazuma.
  • We are yet to see what Thoma’s abilities will be, but we know that he will be able to command the Pyro element. He will be the third Pyro character to wield a polearm, after Hu Tao and Xiangling.

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