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In Phase I of the version 2.4 upgrade, this event will return to Genshin, and it is a popular game in Mondstadt. In this innovative variation on the popular childhood game “Hide and Seek,” Travelers will be divided into two teams and assigned to either hide from or seek out the hidden team.

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During the Windtrace re-run event, Travelers can also receive a range of rewards, including Windtrace Coins, by playing a game of Windtrace with friends or random Travelers. This article covers how to take part in the re-run event, as well as the event’s start date, rewards, and other details.

Windtrace Event Re-run

Gygax can be found in Mondstadt City, to begin with. To take part in the re-run of the event, travelers must have an AR of 20 or higher. They must also unlock all of the Statues of the Seven scattered over Teyvat in order to engage in the accessible Contested Zones or play games in the opened locations.

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At 10:00 am, the 13th of January, the re-run event for Windtrace will begin at server time. Travelers will have two weeks to enter and collect their prizes before the deadline of 3:59 a.m. On the 27th of January, server time, in the year 2022.


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