Screenngrab Courtesy of Genshashin via YouTube

Squid Game and Netflix are not collaborating with Genshin Impact. However, some of the game’s fans have taken it upon themselves to add a touch of the Squid Game atmosphere into the game. In their latest YouTube video, Genshashin has done it again, merging Squid Game and Genshin Impact in their own distinct manner.

Genshin Impact x Squid Game

  • It’s a series of spoof YouTube videos, the most recent of which was released this November. The gamers in the video are taking on the Genshin Impact Dalgona Challenge, which has swept the internet.
  • Gamers can watch as several Genshin characters struggle to fight for their lives in this Squid Game copycat. In the second installment, which is inspired by the hit Netflix show, the Dalgona Challenge is introduced.

Dalgona Challenge

The episode is two minutes long, switching swiftly between the numerous characters. They are then tasked to finish the Genshin Impact Dalgona Challenge.

  • There are four shapes to pick from: the circle, triangle, star, and accursed umbrella. These shapes are also featured in the Squid Game episode.
  • The participants select their own Dalgona for the task, then attempt to delicately extricate the shape from the brittle sugar creation without shattering it.
  • The entire show was shot and angled within the game. It also features good camera locations, emotes, and choreography helping to sell this as a realistic activity.

Check it out now before the next episode, which will most likely be released in around a month if the previous one’s schedule is followed. Finally, what’s most impressive about this entire production is how high-quality it is throughout. It truly captures the spirit of Squid Game within Genshin Impact’s universe.

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