Genshin Impact’s HoYoverse Teases Zenless Zone Zero

The team behind Genshin Impact teases a new project in the works. HoYoverse, the Shanghai-based gaming publisher has released a teaser for Zenless Zone Zero. Although there are no specific details on the new game, the countdown website is enough to keep excited fans wondering about Zenless Zone Zero.

Zenless Zone Zero teases fans through an interesting concept

The teaser for Zenless Zone Zero is in the form of an interactive website. At first glance, it may not seem like much. If you head over to the official website for the countdown, you will be met with a retro television with static on the screen.

Image Courtesy of HoYoverse

Looking around, you can see that it looks like it’s in a family room. There are DVD cases on a shelf to the left side. Meanwhile, the retro TV is resting on top of a VHS player. The whole room looks like something out of a 70s or 80s family room, with a poster for an action movie hanging right above the TV.

HoYoverse is known for including hidden messages in their games

Another interesting detail of the teaser is the artwork hanging from the wall. The painting on the upper right side shows a person whose outfit resembles the clothes worn by characters from Attack on Titan. Although it might not be connected to the game and it’s there for aesthetic purposes, it definitely makes us wonder what the game will be about.

But knowing how HoYoverse is clever with dropping subtle hints in their previous games like Genshin Impact, the image might have a deeper meaning. However, we can only know that once they officially release details about the game.

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The teaser counts down to the official date when HoYoverse releases more details about Zenless Zone Zero

Image Courtesy of HoYoverse

If you look at the digital clock resting on top of the TV, the numbers actually change. Normally, digital clocks flash the current time. However, the digital clock in this room flashes the remaining hours and minutes until the game is revealed.

Image Courtesy of HoYoverse

Moreover, there is a calendar beside the television. On the calendar, the 13th of May is encircled. So aside from a time countdown, HoYoverse is also counting down to the remaining days before they announce details about Zenless Zone Zero.

You can also interact with the knobs on the television. It changes the channel and you can listen in on them. While one of the channels plays a commercial, the other two seem to be dropping hints about the concept of the game. It seems like the game involves Doomsday and a ‘sub-hollow’ which appeared on ‘August Street’.

Zenless Zone Zero may be an open-world shooter

HoYoverse teased in the past about a Project X they’re working on. If this game is the Project X they are referring to, then this game is their biggest project yet. Moreover, fans speculate that Zenless Zone Zero is going to be an open-world FPS/TPS shooter. Definitely something new from HoYoverse but we’re looking forward to it nonetheless.

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