Another tragic gun-related mishap just took place in the United States amidst growing concerns over gun violence. The incident happened near a Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant in Georgia when a 17-year-old snatched a gun from a customer at the parking lot and shot him to death. Read to find out more details about the incident and why the Georgia teen tried to steal a gun from the Dunkin’ customer. 

Georgia gun incident

On the Friday morning of 17th February 2023, police authorities got wind of a shootout near a Decatur Dunkin’ Donuts. The incident happened at 2704 Candler Road and thus the jurisdiction comes under the DeKalb County Police in Georgia.

Georgia teen steals gun Dunkin' incident
Image courtesy of 11Alive

In an attempt to get more details about the incident, the police authorities have started to review surveillance footage and interrogate witnesses. The Dunkin’ incident has garnered a lot of media attention in Georgia as the incident involves a teenage gun shooter.

The teen vs the customer

17-year-old Lamarian Orr is the Georgia teen who stole the gun from the Dunkin’ customer and shot him to death. 41-year-old Brian Dykes was the Dunkin’ customer who was killed outside the parking lot.

Images courtesy of 11 Alive and Gun Memorial
  • Reports suggest that the gun belonged to the Dunkin’ customer and the teen grabbed it from his waistband and tried to run away.
  • When the Dunkin’ customer got hold of the teen, the two of them engaged in a physical altercation which ended in the teen shooting the customer fatally.
  • Lamarian Orr ran away from the scene but the police authorities in Georgia found the teen at a nearby motel and took him into custody. The teen faces felony murder and robbery by sudden snatching charges. 

Dunkin’s response

Following the incident, Dunkin’ has released a statement that the company is aware of the teenager gun incident that took place at their franchised location in Decatur, Georgia.

Image courtesy of Atlanta News First

The company has told WSB-TV that the franchisee is cooperating fully with local authorities as they conduct their investigation. However, due to this being an active investigation, Dunkin’ said that they defer any comment to the local police department.

The Decatur Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant’s dining area remained closed after the gun incident, but the drive-thru facility was open to the customers in Georgia.

Gun violence in Georgia

The state of Georgia has been home to numerous incidents of gun violence in recent years, just like the teenager incident with the Dunkin’ customer. 

Lenient gun laws and a strong gun culture have contributed to a high rate of gun ownership and availability. In Atlanta, there have been multiple high-profile shootings, including a mass shooting at three spas in March 2021 that left eight people dead. 

Efforts to address the issue have been met with mixed success, with debates over gun control often becoming politicized.

The story continues to grow with investigation into how this incident happened in the public eye outside a popular restaurant.

The incident where the Georgia teen shot a Dunkin’ customer with his own gun comes as an absolute shocker.

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