German defense minister Lambrecht New Year Message Ukraine war
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German defense minister, Christine Lambrecht is under fire for a tone-deaf new year message referring Ukraine War. Because of this, the opposition indirectly demands her resignation.

German Defense Minister under fire

Christine Lambrecht faces harsh criticism for sharing a tone-deaf message on New Year. The German defense minister shared her reflections on the Ukraine war through a video. She is standing in a street in Berlin, reflecting on the incredible challenges Germany faced in 2022. However, as the fireworks celebrating the new year are set off, she mentions a war raging in the middle of Europe.

  • The whole celebratory setup, her barely audible voice, and the reference to the ongoing 10-month-long war in Ukraine come off as inappropriate. Yet she further shares her gratefulness for encounters with ‘interesting people’ by saying, “… associated with Ukraine War, for me, were very many special impressions that I was able to gain, many, many encounters with interesting and great people. For that, I say a heartfelt thank you.”
  • This blunder was shared with the public on Monday through her official Instagram page. Since then, it has provoked a strong backlash from the public and opposition alike. The comments on the video have since been limited. However, the video remains available, triggering more people.

Opposition demands the resignation of Christine Lambrecht

Serap Guler, a Christian Democratic Union lawmaker, indirectly demanded the dismissal of Defense Minister Lambrecht from Chancellor Olaf Scholz. She took the matter to Twitter and shared a Tweet seeking accountability for the damages caused due to the video.

  • The speech about the war with New Year’s Eve firecrackers in the background tops her series of embarrassments. Therefore, every additional minute in which the chancellor still holds onto the defense minister further damages the reputation of our country and he can be held accountable for it.
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Christine Lambrecht’s previous blunder

This isn’t the first time German’s defense minister face criticism for her questionable decisions. Last year, her announcement of sending 5000 helmets to Ukraine became a matter of mockery. This is largely due to the fact that Ukraine asked specifically for heavy weapons as a defense against the Russian military.

  • Markus Soder, the leader of the Christian Social Union called for her resignation back in December 2022 over this blunder. He reasoned with Bild Newspaper that when it comes to Ms. Lambrecht, it would simply be better if she quit voluntarily. “Anyone who can’t even manage to order appropriate ammunition and struggles to buy some American fighter jets are simply incapable of the designation.”
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Germany Media’s response to Defense Minister’s New Year Message

The media and news agencies are just as agitated about the minister’s missteps and termed the speech inappropriate. The Tagesspiegel newspaper noted that the Defense Minister’s New Year’s address makes war sound like an exciting professional experience.

  • The Bild Daily and Spiegel Magazine claim the video to be embarrassing, and a shame for Germany. The German media also questioned Christine Lambrecht’s ability to revive their long-neglected armed forces due to the Ukraine war.
  • The Sueddeutsche Zeitung published that a citizen would like to see a leader who sparks joy and energy in defense policy. Someone who encourages the ministry and the troops. They also reasoned that public attention should be used for the benefit of the armed forces instead to shame.
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There is no official response about the dismissal of the defense minister yet. However, the new year’s message was a showcase of insensitivity. What is your take on the video, do you find it offensive? let us know in the comments and follow Spiel Times for the latest updates about entertainment, sports, and gaming.

SOURCES: Aljazeera, DW
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