Get testing! Steam Labs to Open Experiment Features to Public Testing

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The American game developer and publisher Valve Corporation has announced a new featured section in its Steam Labs services which will give their users a chance to test out different works-in-progress projects and games from the company and give their valued feedback.

For starters, the company is launching with three experiments such as Micro Trailers, the Interactive Recommender and the Automated Show with the promise of more experiments to be added late in time.

Micro Trailers are their short-six-second game trailers whereas The Interactive Recommender uses machine learning to recommend new games based on your top-played games and the Automated show is a half-hour showcase of the latest Steam games, generated through Steam’s algorithm.

Valve has also explained that it does not feed any data about the game into the system (The Interactive Recommender) except the release date. The machine learning gathers the data on its own and picks out similarities, along with trends among buying habits with players who have similar tastes. The new recommender won’t replace current recommendations on Steam, as it is now in just the Steam Labs phase.

You can check he dedicated Steam Labs page where you can see all of the current active experiments and try them out. Valve also accepts feedback from its users regarding the further development of the experiments.

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