Ghost Giant

Sid Shuman, Meredith Molinari and Ramone Russel sat down today for a new series called the “Countdown to E3 2018”. We’re just a day away from the main event and PS4 is trying out something new. Each day until E3, they’ll be revealing a new game. Today, they revealed Ghost Giant by Zoink Games for PS4 and PSVR.

The game is about friendship, loneliness and connection. It is made by the creators of Fe, Zoink Games. The game feels really interactive and soft at first. As the story developers, you’ll be helping the characters of the game go through several stages of connections, feelings and beyond.

Ghost Giant

The game is quite adorable with hand-craft styled graphics. You play as the Ghost Giant who has the ability to do anything and everything with the environment to strengthen your friendship with the characters.

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