Ghost Giant

It’s really hard for me to catch up with all the stuff PlayStation is revealing at E3, but let’s just do it.

As revealed during PlayStation’s Road To E3, Ghost Giant is Zoink Games’ new PS VR title that sets you in a hand-drawn, cartoonish and a really peaceful toyland world. You play as the Ghost Giant. A giant of which, only the hands are visible to you.

There’s this little kid called Louis who has no friends, is lonely, sad and a lot similar to me. But to get him out of his sufferings, you, out of nowhere, enter his life as the Ghost Giant as a guardian angel.

So Louis, the main protagonist of Ghost Giant is a little kid who works at a Sunflower farm, helps his mom, is exhausted almost all the game and has the desire to escape his everyday life.

The objective of Ghost Giant is for you to become friends with Louis and help him with his troubling life. Louis is more apprehensive at first. But the more you play, the closer you get.

The gameplay is prettying interesting. You help Louis make friends, talk to other people, maintain his farms and eavesdrop on other people by pulling of the houses’ roofs, twisting and twirling them and shifting them from one place to another.

Olov Redmalm of Zoink said how they want the player to actually immerse themselves into the game and become an actual part of Louis’s world. He also mentioned that it is an experience where the player is not the protagonist, but the closest of his friends.

Ghost Giant is still in works and there’s no release date yet. It will be out for the PS VR when polished and ready.

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